10 top tourist destinations in California

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California is a state in the Pacific coast, and it is widely known all over the world for the farms and factories, the natural beauties, as well as, the historical and cultural values associated with it. Plenty of tourists from different corners of the world flock into this region to enjoy the different tourist places that are located here. The state is big, and is also bigger than Germany, and some of the top cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are quite popular all over the world. It is often considered to be a land of opportunity, and with the availability of abundant gold in the state, it is often referred to as the Golden State.

The Central Coast:
The central coastal region of California is very famous and is visited by large numbers of people. If you are here for a tour to the central coastal region in California, you will be taken to the region lying in between Los Angeles and the Bay Area of San Francisco. This region, in fact, is best known in California as one of the stunning highways. Apart from that, the region also offers wonderful opportunities to the tourists to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. Moreover, you will also get the opportunity to enjoy some of the most award winning wines and fresh food items both from the land and the sea.
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There are so many things to be found here ranging from most famous aquarium of Monterey in the world to Hearst Castle, American Riviera of Santa Barbara, the Paso Robles wine country and many. Greek Pool Hearst Castle. California 300x168 - 10 top tourist destinations in CaliforniaIn fact, this is not just the end of everything that you will find in this central coastal region of California. You can take a 17 mile long drive from Carmel to Big Sur, which will definitely offer you one of the most picturesque views. At the same time, you will also enjoy the unspoiled wilderness of the National Park of the Channel Park.

The Central Valley:
The central valley in California is also a very popular tourist destination. You can not only visit the capital city of Sacramento as a wonderful tourist place, but apart from that, you can also find plenty of other vacation spots in the entire valley region. In fact, with Cache Creek Casino in the north to the Kitschy McKittrick Penny Bar in the South there is indeed everyone is store for everyone in the valley. Some of the most popular activities that tourists enjoy here include rafting and house boating in the rivers, lakes and deltas of the region and these are some of the most recreational activities for the tourists.
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Apart from that, the history of the Sacramento has plenty of things to offer to the tourists. The building style of the capitol is based on the renaissance revival. Apart from that, you must also not miss out the historic waterfront of the Old Town along with the reconstructed Sutter’s Fort. The other impressive things to find here include the Stanford Mansion and the Crocker Art Museum. There are also plenty of parks located here which in turn will definitely be great for nature and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Deserts And The Inland Empire:
Apart from seas, you should also not afford to miss out the views of the deserts that will altogether offer you lovely and amazing views. The desert region is mainly present in the part of San Diego, and the Death Valley National Park, Anza Borrego Desert Park are the main attractions of this region.

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The “Inland Empire” is also a region within California that should not be missed out at any cost. It comprises of the areas of Riverside County and the San Bernardino County, which consists of valleys and mountains ranging from Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and even the Palm Desert. It is also often considered to be a region of wine, and offers fresh mountain retreats to the tourists that visit this area. During the winter, the mountains become alive with snow, and this offers better and more picturesque views of the region. Snow biking california 300x225 - 10 top tourist destinations in CaliforniaSnow biking is one of the most popular sports that are practiced during the winters. Floating in the Palm Springs pool and gazing at the snow-covered mountains can be a wonderful beginning to a day. The getaways in Big Bear are also an important part of California that you should not miss out at any cost.

Los Angeles:
When you are in California, you must not miss out the opportunity to visit Los Angeles. There is plenty of tourist attractions located here, and therefore, you can always plan your trip to this destination. The city is not only beautified with the beaches, but at the same time, you will also find large numbers of museums here which marks the cultural enrichment of the place. Here, you will also find plenty of water and amusement parks spread throughout, which will definitely make your trip the most memorable.
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The Malibu Beach and the Venice Beach are considered to be the most memorable and beautiful beaches of California. The Cathedral of the Lady of the Angeles is located at the Temple and Grand across the Concert Hall of Walt Disney. This is the oldest Roman Catholic Church that is erected in the western part of US. The Downtown area in Los Angeles is also famous and a guided walking tour is available in this area. Here, you will be able to explore the history of the city. There are plenty of markets and shopping areas located in this area.

North Coast Region:
The region of North Coast is best renowned for the beaches here. These beaches in the Southern part of California are one of the best spots for vacation. These beaches are located very close to the Golden Gate of the National Recreational Area. The terrain of this area is rocky and rugged, but the beaches here are muddy. From Marin County, you can easily reach to the beaches of Sonoma Coast State. These basically are strings of beaches, and some of the most amazing and picturesque views are found here.

You can also take a walk along the long stretches of beaches that are located in the northern coastal regions of California. The cliffs that are formed in this region offer amazing picturesque views quite similar in view to that of Big Sur located on the central coastal region. You will also love to explore the Salt Lake State Park which is a seat for many scuba divers and skin divers to explore the beds of the seas. Hiding, riding and fishing are other activities that you will find here. You can also take a drive to the town of Mendocino and you will feel the greatest vibes in this region.

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San Francisco Bay Area:
You can also take a tour to the San Francisco Bay Area in California, because the city is loaded with large numbers of tourist attractions. The museums are some of the most beautiful things that you will find here. Some of finest museums and galleries are located in this area and you will find a stunning diversity of scientific exploration, artistic expression and also historical reference. One of the wonderful museums of the city is located here and you must not afford to miss watching these museums at any cost.

There are also some famous chocolate factories located in this San Francisco Bay Area, and you will be offered a guided tour to this area. On the other hand, if you love to eat, you will also find diversity of cuisines in the large numbers of restaurants and bars. Moreover, if you want to explore the cultural diversity of the area, you can also take a guided food tour to some of the finest regions here. Whether you come here by air, land or rail, you will definitely enjoy a wonderful experience here.

Shasta And Cascades:
This is one of the unspoiled beauties of California and this is one of the primary reasons for which plenty of tourists are attracted to this area. The breathtaking wilderness is indeed difficult to fathom. This area is home to some of the best national forests and parks. Portion of the mountain ranges of this area are also home to two glaciated volcanoes, one of which is still active. The lush forests, the grand peaks, and also the glistening lakes in this area offer an amazing opportunity to the visitors to experience one of the best natural beauties of the world.
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You will also find a Wildhorse sanctuary in this region. If you want, you can take some trail rides as well as evening barbeques to complete your trip to this area. There are some accommodations in this area, and it will altogether give you an experience of the rustic feeling of the area. The collections of museums and galleries in this area will offer you an opportunity to explore the grand history and culture of this region. Thus, you will find an amazing combination of modern and the traditional, which in turn, will turn your experiences unique and pleasurable.

Napa Valley Winery:
None other than California produces better wines than anywhere else in the world. The Napa valley winery in California is famous and also attracts plenty of tourists here. If you come here, you will be able to explore the wine tasting process. At the same time, plenty of events are also held in this winery of California surrounding the process of making wines. It lies barely 5 miles between the Vaca Mountains and the Mayacamas. The vineyards and the winery tasting rooms are the two most important things of attraction that you will find here.
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However, if you miss out the opportunity to visit the winery, you will definitely lose something. The wineries that are located here offer lots of taste for wines, and you apart from tasting some of the best types of wines you will also be able to buy some of them. Some of the most complimentary side dishes accompanied with wine are also found here. In fact, visit to the wineries here will definitely one of the best and the most memorable experiences for you in your trip to California. Therefore, you must definitely go for the guided tours that are offered here.

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The magic kingdom of South California, Disneyland is located in the Orange County of California, and it draws large numbers of tourists from different corners of the world. This is basically a theme park that was built up in 1955. In the later days, plenty of renovation had been done to create other kinds of theme parks in this amusement centre. The original theme park generally focused on fantasy, future, but later it was expended in 2001. The California Adventure Park of Disney was mainly opened with the intension to celebrate the Hollywood Heritage and the history of the state.
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If you want to visit the park, you will require separate admission for each park. There are plenty of stores, restaurants and accommodation facilities in and around the Disneyland. From the local motels and hotels, you will also get free transportation facilities, and if you want, you can also purchase the tickets online. This is one of the best places in California, where you can enjoy, have fun and relax with your family and children. The experience that you gain here will be memorable for you throughout your life. Thus, in California, you must not afford to miss out the Disneyland.

Golden Gate Bridge:
The golden gate bridge is not only the most famous bridges in California, but it is also the most famous bridge in the world. It is a bridge of almost 8, 900 foot and it connects the northern tip of the peninsula of San Francisco to a portion of the South that is facing the headlands of the Marin County. In 1937, after the completion, it became the largest suspension bridge in the world, and now it holds the second position. Large numbers of tourists from different corners of the world come here to visit the Golden Gate.
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In fact, this is one of the most famous icons in the state, and also a must see attraction for every tourist. The design of this suspension bridge is very attractive, and the view becomes more fascinating when the strong waves hit against the basement of the bridge. You can always reach bridge with the help of local ferry services. Reaching this site of attraction is not only easy, but at the same time, it is also free of cost, and therefore, you can always reach here from your accommodation centre.

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