10 top tourist destinations in Scotland

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The turbulent history of Scotland along with the fascinating beauties of the places makes Scotland one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Europe but in the entire world. Irrespective of the small size of the country, there are plenty of things to find here. In this compact territory, there are many treasures to be found here. It is a clean destination that still remains unspoilt with the historical attractions, beautiful scenery and picturesque landscape. Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two most important cities in Scotland, and increasingly it is been seen as a cosmopolitan city. The main tourist season remains active from April to October, and the National Tourist Agency has taken active steps to promote tourism of the area.

Here is a list of top ten tourist destinations in Scotland that you must not miss out in any case.

This is the capital city of Scotland and also the seat of the parliament of Scotland. Being the second largest city of Scotland, it is visited by large numbers of people and is also comprises of a rich history. The city is also often considered to be the “Athens of the North.” It is also considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of Europe which is enclosed with rocky hills that overlooks the sea. The landscape of the entire city is also very beautiful because of the monuments and the buildings found here.

edinburgh calton hill 300x225 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandThe city is well connected with rail, road and air. Apart from that, there is currently no tram system in the city, but operation is expected within the next few years. Plenty of festivals and celebrations take place in the city and Edinburgh International Festival is the most reputed festival that is celebrated here every year. Apart from that, there are many museums and libraries in the city that altogether makes it a rich and popular spot in Scotland for the tourists.

Glasgow in the largest city of Scotland and it is slowly regenerating as a modern place. The city is filled with large numbers of bars, restaurants and night clubs that can give tourists a thrilling and entertaining experience altogether. The nightlife of the city is very active and the live music scene is one of the best in UK. In fact, here, you will find a perfect combination of black humor and urban mayhem, which in turn, will prove to be very friendly for you. If you are here, you will always be able to immerse yourself into the metropolis here that is very down to earth.

street of glasgow scotland 300x225 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandIn fact, it is true that it might not contain the beauty of Edinburgh, but it definitely attracts the lovers if culture. The city has many bus services and the most extensive network of urban rail is found here and is thus well connected to different parts of Scotland. The city is also well connected by two different international airports as a result, being a tourist to this city, transportation will never be a problem

If you are in Scotland, you must not miss out the opportunity to visit Aberdeen, the Granite City at any cost. It is the granite on a sunny day that offers an attractive look to the city, and this is also a great point of interest. On the contrary, on a rainy day, it is difficult to determine the sky and the buildings. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and night clubs located here. There are also plenty of cultural attractions located here and these ranges from the Art gallery to even the Maritime Museum with entry fee absolutely free of cost.

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Dunnottar castle aberdeen 300x199 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandSome of the best places that you will find here include the Royal Deeside located on the western part of the city, while you can also visit the Dunnottar castle located in the Southern part of the city. How can you afford to miss the white sandy beaches located to the north of the city and the wonderful countryside in the northwestern part? Apart from that, there are also plenty of parks, gardens, theatre halls, concerts and open spaces located throughout the city which will offer you a good tourist attraction. Apart from the airport and the railway station, you will also find six major roads that are well connected with the city.

The Hebrides:
If you are keen to view a diverse archipelago in Scotland, the Hebrides is the ideal option for you. It is mainly located on the western coast of Scotland. The two main groups of island in this group include the Inner and the Outer Hebrides. The history and the culture of the island date back to the ancient age of the Neolithics. Apart from that, you will also find diversity in the island, which is mainly derived from the different languages spoken in the historic days. If you want to view some of the most natural seals, this is the ideal destination for you in Scotland.

hebrides scotland 300x199 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandIn this entire archipelago, there are some uninhabited islands as well, but now they have become important destinations for the tourists. There are plenty of open spaces in the entire group of island but the biodiversity of the region is not well developed. Currently, plenty of efforts are being placed in order to promote tourism, and attract large numbers of tourists from different corners of the world. Thus, you must also not miss out your visit to this wonderful group of island in Scotland.

The Highlands:
You must have read about Scottish highlands in your books, and when you are in Scotland, you must not miss out the opportunity to visit the highlands located here. The highlands are simply paradise for the outdoor lovers, especially those who like to walk. The deepest lake of Britain, Loch Ness as well as the highest peaks of Britain, Ben Nevis are found in the area of the highlands and northern islands in Scotland. The entire region is surrounded with rich history that reflects the bloody battles of the moors and plenty of castles.

lochshiel Highlands 300x199 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandThe islands on the other hand reflect a history of isolation. If you are a lover of adventure and are looking ahead for some challenging walks, skiing, mountain hiking, this is the ideal option for you. Apart from that, you will also love the golden sandy beaches that are located in the remote area of the Harris. Some of the isolated areas were also once thrived with whales and seals and also some of the rarest species of birds. The highland pub will also give you a warm welcome, and you will also love the people here.

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Isle of Skye:
The Isle of Skye is the largest is the northerly island of Scotland. It is located in the Inner Hebrides. The peninsulas of the island generally come out from the range if a mountain which is mainly dominated by the hills of Cuillin. The island comprises of rich history which was once dominated by Clan Donald and Clan MacLeod. In comparison to many islands, this island still comprises of few residents of Scotland, and is also the main seat of tourist attraction. The towns and villages within this island are so beautiful that you will just fall in love with the picturesque landscape of the place.

isle of skye scotland 300x200 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandThe island is mainly connected by ferry services, and these ferries sail right from Armadale to Mallaig and Kylerhea to Glenelg. Though there are bus services and train services, but these are very few in number. Though the wildlife of the area of scarce here, yet you can expect to some of the most beautiful and rarest species of birds and animals here. You will thus like this island not only for its wonderful landscape and scenery, but also for the culture, heritage and wildlife ranging from deer, eagle and salmon.

Isle Of Islay:
The southerly island of Scotland also located at the outer areas of Hebrides attracts large numbers of tourists from different corners of the world. This island is however best known for the whiskies that are malted here that produces the distinctive smoky flavor. If you are here, you should not miss out the guided tours to the eight different distilleries that are located here. Apart from that, this little island is also popular mainly for its picturesque landscape. The population of this island is not huge, but is notable for the abundant amount of bird and animal species that are found here.

isle of islay birds 300x199 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandIf you are a lover of birds, you should definitely visit this island in Scotland because here you will get the opportunity to witness some of the rarest species of all birds. There are almost about 250 different species of birds. Apart from that, it is also a wonderful wintery ground for various species of barnacle and white-fronted geese. In addition to that, you will also love the sandy beaches, which in turn, will offer you a wonderful experience of pleasant walk. There are some local restaurants and bars located here that will offer you some local foods and drinks here.

This is also a famous island that is located within the fringes of Scotland. This is an archipelago in the northern part of Scotland, which is located 16 kilometers off the northern coast of Caithness. There are 70 different inhabited islands within Orkney, and the largest of these islands are known as “Mainland.” If you are lucky enough to visit this island, you will love the picturesque views and the long stretches of island. This island dates back to about 1st century BC and was originally occupied by the tribes of Mesolithic and Neolithic origin. Some of the best preserved sites of the Neolithic age are also present in this island of Orkney.

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Orkney Island 300x219 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandThe two main forms of transport to this island are air services and ferry services. Therefore, you can avail any of these services to reach the island. The abundance of avian and marine lives will also be some of the most amazing things and features that you will find in this island. Apart from the cultural history, the natural history of the island is also very beautiful and within the island, you will be able to discover the history at its best.

At Scotland, if you are looking for a peaceful town, you should come to Oban. This is one of the best waterfront towns in Scotland, and from here the views of Mull and Kerrara are simply amazing. During the peak season, you will find large numbers of tourists flocking into the region and are heading towards the islands. The setting of the entire town is so amazing and picturesque that you will surely fall in love with this town. Though it is true that there are not plenty of things to be found in the town, yet the serene and calm atmosphere will offer you a mood of relaxation.

oban scotland 300x208 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandThere are some wonderful restaurants and excellent pubs located here in the town of Oban, and here you will be able to taste some of the delicious foods and drinks of the local area. Since this is one of the main gateways to Barra, Iona, Coll, Mull, Tiree and Colonsay islands, you will definitely have to visit this town at least for a day. If you want, you can also enjoy shopping at this destination. You can reach the city by bus, train or even by boat.

Dumfries and Galloway:
If you want to experience some of the most beautiful attractions of the country, you should definitely be at this place. Ranging from the lush valleys to the gentle hills, you will possibly find everything out here. There are plenty of attractions for families and children here and you will love to be at the restaurants and the guesthouses here. Here, one of the major highlights is Galloway and the views offered here are absolutely sublime. You will also be able to participate in large numbers of activities including walking trails, mountain biking and many more.

castle Caerlaverock Dumfries and Galloway 300x224 - 10 top tourist destinations in ScotlandYou will also like to visit the dream like castle and the wildlife here. This is also one of the most idyllic towns of Scotland and it is enticed with the Gulf Stream which also offers a wonderful view altogether. At this region, apart from some old church and castles, you will also find some of most famous and newly build gardens with rich natural beauties and history. Since the town is well connected by rail and road, it will not be difficult for you to reach this spot when you are here in Scotland.

Thus, with these tourist destinations in Scotland, your trip to Scotland will be the most memorable.

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