10 top tourist places in Shimla

Christ Church Shimla

Jakhu Hill – The Jakhu hills are famous spot of Shimla and the Jakhu temple is situated at the top of the Hills. The way up is with the beautiful deodar trees at the side of the road and you will find the Jakhu temple that is dedicated to the Monkey God Hanuman of the Hindus. The temple is located at the height of 2455 meters and is situated at the highest peak in Shimla. The scenic view of the Hills and its surrounding are superb from the tourists of all type. They visit the place to view the surrounding scenic beauty or some also visit for the temple and its deity. The place is highly revered and devotees come in a good number to visit the temple and pray. The place has its own scenic beauty too.

Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla – The hill station of Shimla is famous for the Ice Skating activities and as there is a lot of snow fall in the winter, the people find it a definite attraction for visiting the place in the absolute cold environment. The tourists visit the place in December to February does that for the ice and the Ice Skating facility that is offered by the area. There are lively sports that are conducted here for skiing and ice skating and even just throwing of snow balls. The place comes up with a mood of festivity when the carnival of ice skating comes up. The carnival is held in winter each year. Shimla has natural open air ice rink and the skating in done there. The thing is arranged by the ice skating club of Shimla.

Lakkar Bazar – This is situated down the Mall road of Shimla and is the commercial point of the place and you must visit the area if you want to shop for your friends and relatives. The place has shops for the local handicrafts and woolen garments. The place is full of different shops and they mostly take up the woolen garments which come to Shimla from Punjab and Ludhiana. The Kulu shawls are also a part of the merchandise of these shops. There are other articles like wooden toys and Tibetan carpets and strong walking stick which are also a good gift for your near ones. The place is also known for food processing units and the processed food from nearby areas are available here – like jams and squashes made from local products.

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Sankat Mochan Temple – The temple is a sought after site by devotees and the tourist who visit Shimla. The temple’s history goes back to the 1950’s and Baba Neeb Karori ji visited this site and stayed in a hut for 10 days and was very happy and showed a keen desire for a Hanuman temple in the place. The Lt. Governor Raja Bajrang Bahadur Bhadari took the responsibility for the temple and the temple was constructed in the year 1962 and today the small temple has become a sprawling lawn and the temple in it which takes up 18.8 bighas of the land and the temple now is called Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir.

Himalayan Nature Park – The Nature Park is the home of about 180 different species of birds and various mammals. This is a hub of eco-tourism and the tourists will enjoy the real view of musk deer and elusive snow leopards and different other rare and almost extinct species. The park is a long trekking zone that can take about five to seven days and these treks are generally organized by Sai Ropa Tourist Center and when you are ready for the trek you will find rangers within your group for guiding you. There are different temples can be accessed in summer and some fairs and festivals that are a colorful attractions for the people who are interested in such involvements.

Durga Temple – This temple is situated in Arki, Shimla and is one among the few other temples nearby and in parallel terms with Luturu temple. The mountains are surrounded all around the temples and give a peace of mind to those who come in search for that. The Temple houses the deity of Durga and there is an annual fair in Ashtami of Navratras – an auspicious ceremony in India during September and October. The temple is full of devotees in the time of the annual fair that comes to enjoy a sight of the deity and enjoy the fair also.

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The Ridge Shimla 300x225 - 10 top tourist places in ShimlaThe Ridge, Shimla – This is a large open space and is located in the heart of Shimla. The road is a long space and runs east to west along the Mall Road and then joins the Scandal point on the west of the Mall. The eastern side of the Ridge road has got the Lakkar Bazar which is a market for the local handicrafts. The Ridge house is a large body of water that is the main supply of water in the Shimla town. The summer festival is held here and is a program from the Governmental house for celebrating the New Year ’s Eve. The statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Dr. Y.S. Parmar are there on this road that salutes these figures regularly. The place is a combination of official festivals and regular tourists roaming about in search of some fun in the Lakkar bazar or sightseeing in the Ridge water reservoir.

Manorville Mansion – The elegant mansion is a magnificent edifice that is situated in Shimla and it is located near the University of Himachal Pradesh and can be reached by Taxi. The mansion was at a time a place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed for some time and it gave abode to Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel too. The time of their stay was in Indian independence – in the year of 1945. The mansion was a property of India’s women cabinet member for the first time and her name was Rajkumari Amrit Kaur. This palace serves as a guest house today and the room for Mahatma Gandhiji’s use is still preserved there.

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The Bhimkali Temple – Situated in Shimla this one is a very popular attraction of the place for its religious value of the deity of the temple and also for the architectural wonder of the temple. This is one of the Shakti Peeth and the architecture is a combination of Hinduism and peaceful Buddhism and is a temple that is made of wood. The architectural elegance is carved on these woods and there are the palaces of the royal families near the temple that you can also visit for feeling the by gone days and its elegance. In 1905 there was an earthquake and the temple tilted to a side and then again it came back to its original position and there is another temple built in 1927 and it also houses a 200 year old statue of deity Bhimkali.

Christ Church Shimla 225x300 - 10 top tourist places in ShimlaChrist Church and St Michael’s Cathedral, Shimla – The Christ church and cathedral is a seat of beautiful architecture and stands near the Ridge in Shimla. The church was built in 11 years and is the second oldest church of North India. The church is at the middle of Shimla and can be reached from anywhere. The church is a famous landmark and people visit it from all over the country for the architectural excellence. The place looks magical in the night when the lights come up in the midst of the dark environment and the corners and nooks are illuminated by light and the stained glasses on the window gives it a ethereal look and the library near the church is from Elizabethan period and is a good collection of books and scriptures.

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