Honeymoon in Bora Bora Over Water Bungalow

Bora Bora is an island where the romance relives and mind rejuvenates itself. It is a stunning gift that nature has bestowed us. Basically, it is a private island where over water bungalows are spread here and there. WSCTB4RNGSSE





So, once you have decided to visit this French Polynesian island the next step is to plan out your vacation.

Decide whether it is right place for you or not– Before heading forward, you must decide whether it is right place for you or not. It is a place for all those who love nature, tranquility and peacefulness. If you are someone who likes to enjoy the night life then this place is not meant for you. It is recommended that you should go for places like Hawaii or Aruba.

Travel Guides– You can obtain travel guides through Tahiti vacation Guide or through Tahiti Wedding guide. Open the website to check the details.

Decide the time– An ideal time to travel to Bora Bora is during the times of Winter i.e. you can visit anytime from April to October-it is the time when it rains less and the temperature is cool around 82 degree Fahrenheit. The water temperature remains constant at 80 degree Fahrenheit.

Activities to Do– Bora Bora is a place where you’ll not only view the natural picturesque, but you can perform various activities like

Lagoon Exploration– Lagoon Exploration is one of the major activities that you can perform. You can enjoy lagoon at a much faster speed by hiring a rental motorboat or jetski and guide who can describe you more about the island. Even you can plan for the picnic.

Canoe Breakfast– It is a known fact that one should never skip his/ her breakfast and enjoying it at your private balcony provides you comfort and convenience both. This kind of breakfast is also available in various resorts and hotels. You can even reserve seats in the resorts or can talk to your travel manager.

Excursions- The place is small still the adrenaline gushes up in your body because the interior roads are truly huge where you can do excursions. Also, you can check out overgrown forest roads for excursion.

Shark Feeding– the point itself raises goosebumps on the skin, but it is one of the prominent excursions in South Pacific. All you have to do is to wear a mask and float in lagoon waters and don’t forget to tie yourself behind a secured rope. Now your close encounter begins with the sharks, you have to feed them so closely that you’ll feel scared and relentless.

Sailing– The next activity that you can do on this island is sailing. If you are planning to own your own sailboat, do visit places like Raiatea, Tahiti and Moorea. You can even rent a sailing boat to see the beautiful sunset at the island.

Shopping– For woman who are shopaholics, don’t forget to shop here for your favorite apparels and accessories. Apart from that there are dozens of dining places where you can enjoy your favorite cuisine.

Thus, honeymoon in Bora Bora would be fine and pleasant experience.

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