Iconic River Cruises

There are various reasons that we are aware of the names of these rivers-the Nile, the Mississippi, and the Amazon. All these rivers have inspired exploration, a legend and are also associated to the religion in some or other way. Now days various travel companies organize different cruises and tours so as to discover these rivers and also reveal their secrets as well.




These rivers have kick-started many explorations, enterprise and also empires. The rivers have played a vital role in shaping the today’s world. Today also one of the best ways to learn about a region is to start with the nearest river. These rivers not only provide link between villages and major cities but also hold the secrets to local culture and local cuisine as well. Here is a list of few cruises which might not be so cheap but are worth visiting once.

Amazon: This is the longest river in South America and winds its ways through six countries and also three time zones. The river is 300-feet-deep and is the world’s largest reservoir of fresh water. There is ample and speckled variability of flora and fauna.

River Cruise: The visitors can take Francisco’s wake on the 5 to 10 day Amazon Dream river cruise through Brazilian Amazon on board the 18-passenger M/Y Tucano which is a traditional wooden riverboat. The cost is around $ 1,295 for five day cruise.

Mississippi: It is the second largest water body in the world which covers 33 states and two Canadian provinces. The river banks have been home to humans or 5000 years now.

River Cruise: American River Cruise Lines’ 150 passengers Queen of the Mississippi is amazing cruise which not only reveals the secret of this traditional river but also shows different historic sites including Civil War battlefields. The cost may vary from $ 3995 per person for seven night cruise.Nile: Egypt is amid of desert, the Sahara but the river Nile has turned this desert into an oasis. With the help of controlling the waters of the River the Egyptians became a rich agricultural society making Egypt as one of the most important African countries.

River Cruise: Sonesta’s six lavish river boats ply the waters of the Nile. The cruise also takes travelers to multiple temples as well. A round trip to Luxor costs around $ 500 per night for three to seven night sailings.

Rivers not only make the place look beautiful but also are a source of many tourist attractions as well.

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