Osaka- The beautiful destination

Osaka is the working heart of the Kansai region. Here you can find a variety of cultural attractions with all delights of modern Japanese city.



Osaka Aquarium- It is one of the biggest aquarium complexes available on the planet, based on the theme of ‘Rising of Fire’ with reference to the Pacific Rim’s volcanic perimeter. The eight floor of the aquarium contains 14 different kinds of habitats that range from tropical to arctic. Further, it is complemented by some excellent exhibitions, the massive walls of the aquarium tanks that have more than 30,0000 different kinds of miniature creatures. Antarctic penguins, whale sharks and spider crabs are some of the must see attraction. On weekends this place gets crowded.


Ame Mura- It is one of the entertaining parts of Osaka, situated in the Shinsaibashi district. There are seven square blocks that are packed with bars, eateries, shops and people. The diversity of age, race and ethnicity is available here. Naturally, it is a perfect destination for shopping spree, but Ame-mura proffers the finest watching site in Osaka. You can sit for hours and see different shades of Japanese society passing along, including the wonderful youths.


Festival Gates- This is an amusement park that features a comprehensive selection of the activities for the entire family. You can go for exciting modern rides, movie- theater, restaurant, spa and shops. Osaka festival gate highlight is the ride on the super fast roller coaster that speeds along at over 100 kph/62 mph. At the end of the day, you can take bath in hot springs to soak away from the aches and keeping you with your kids.


Spa World- This luxuriously designed Spa world is an entertaining bathhouse that holds around 5000 people who have come to soak away the troubles in hot spring. For people who like to visit here for fun there is a massive rooftop swimming complex with a wave pool, water slide, covered pool and sunbathing terrace. The ethnically themed areas of spa add to the amusement and attractions, with Turkish bath from the Middle East and medicinal baths from China. There is nothing intimidating about the mega spa, but if you have any tattoos they’ll ask you to leave. Osaka Spa world is regularly advertised and it is one of a kind in the whole world.


Tennoji Zoo- The part of the wonderful Tennoji Park complex that is near to the famous Shitenno-ji temple, Osaka zoom is a home to over more than 1000 different animals and wide range of endangered species. Some of the creatures cannot be found in any other zoo. It’s a real pleasure to visit this zoo.






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