Top four places to visit in Japan

Japan is also called as a ‘Land of Rising Sun’. It is an ideal destination for the adventurous visitors. Here are 4 must see destinations in Japan:



Mount Fuji- It is Japan highest mountain and is unquestionably the country’s iconic natural landmark. It can be photographed in all seasons from all angles, it is perfect cone climbed by quarter million people yearly, usually during the months of July and August. The high visibility and traffic is due to its close proximity to the Kanto or the plain surrounding Tokyo when the visibility is the best. It is considered as one of the three holy mountains in Japan along with Tateyama and hakusan, there is a collection of shrines on the crater rim. Since majority of the people climb the mountain hiking trails and facilities well established there is a considerable amount of development on the mountain. The meteorological station marks the highest point of the mountain and the country.


Ginza, Tokyo-It is recognized as a UNESCO world Heritage Site and it is an unofficial shrine to Japan industry, technology and culture. Ginza epitomizes Tokyo and its known for ground zero neon, shopping arcade and close to what Tokyo call center or downtown for such a huge city. Within walking distance there are certain other places like National Diet, the center of Japan government, the Imperial Palace, a vast complex of the building that houses Japan’s head of the state, the emperor of Japan and administrative apparatus. Ginza can be best experienced during the night times, so you can view the electronic fireworks. There are so many exciting places on Tokyo and this is the best place to visit if you plan to go to vacation to Japan largest city and capital.


Himeji Castle- It is Japan most eminent castle and one of twelve that is in original condition. It is known for the white heron castle and it is one of the most prominent in the country and most visited. Its famous for its beauty and perhaps it is one of the locations for shooting James bond film. Located in Himeji, Hyogo and cherry trees, which makes this place scenic in the spring. Its recognized as UNESCO World Heritage site and its original construction was between 1333-1346 with other expansion occurring in 1601-1608 and it a well known period for castle building in Japan.


Bomb Dome, Hiroshima- The Bomb Dome has the distinction of being a Little Boy when it detonated over Hiroshima on August 6,1945. The remains of the hall have come to be known as Bomb Dome or Genbaku Domu. It was designed in 1916 by a Czech architect Jan Letzel.



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