Places to Visit in San Jose

Museo Nacionale san jose

San Jose is the capital of the country of Costa Rica and is a delightful place that one can visit in the region of Latin America. San Jose is characterized by breathtaking natural beauty and it is visited by travelers from all over America and other parts of the world.

Zoologico Simon Bolivar

This is a small zoo in the city of San Jose that is situated in Barrio Amon. It is well known for its collection of exotic animals most of which hail from the South American rain forests and are unique to this region as a whole. The zoo is one that is open even on Sundays and the best time to visit the zoo would be between ten in the morning to four in the afternoon.

Museo Nacionale
Museo Nacionale san jose
This is the national museum in the city of San Jose and is a place that you can visit if you are truly interested in understanding the history of the city. There are well informed guides at the museum who can provide you with explanations of the information that is contained in the museum exhibits. The museum is open on all days of the week, even on a Sunday when most other museums are closed.

Museo del Jade

This is a museum that is devoted solely to the history and preservation of jade in South America, which first started being manufactured in the pre Columbian times. Ceramics, bones and shells are items that you can get to view over here. You can also get to know what life was like for the local people in this part of the world in the pre Columbian era. Getting to the museum can be done using the hired car services.


The volcanoes in the city of San Jose in Costa Rica are mostly extinct and therefore it is safe on the part of the travelers to go and view them. The volcanoes are kept in enclosures and are situated in the Costa Rican countryside. One would therefore have to drive for a few hours from the city of San Jose in order to reach the volcanic destinations. Tourists are not permitted to remain in these areas after dark.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

This is a destination of exquisite beauty in the Costa Rican capital city of San Jose and is a must visit for all tourists. It is about an hour’s drive from the main city area and is a fascinating rainforest region that is filled with waterfalls. The waterfall gardens can be explored on all days of the week and should ideally be witnessed in the morning hours as it is not safe to be around over here after dark. You can use the hired cars in the city airport to get to the La Paz waterfall gardens in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Other Places to Visit in San Jose

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