Places to Visit in Istanbul

Galata Tower istanbul

Istanbul is the capital of the country of Turkey and is a fascinating destination to visit in the continent of Europe. Istanbul has a very rich history of its own and receives travelers all around the world, mostly from the country of Germany in north Europe.

Church of St Savior
Church of St Savior istanbul
This is a fabulous church in the city of Istanbul and opens from nine in the morning and remains open until seven in the evening. The architectural style of this church is one that features both Turkish and west Asian influences. The Church of St Savior does not charge any money for tourists for the purpose of entry and cameras can be taken inside by those who wish to. The church is quite easy to reach.

Galata Tower
Galata Tower istanbul
This is a place where one can get to view modern works of Turkish art. The Galata Tower is a place which remains open on all days of the week and those who do wish to get a glimpse of contemporary Turkish art can do so by visiting this place at any time between eleven in the morning to four in the evening from Monday to Sunday. Cameras cannot be used for taking pictures of these art works.

Basilica Cistern
Basilica Cistern istanbul
The Basilica Cistern is a grand structure in the city of Istanbul and was constructed by the Roman rulers during their occupation of this city. Istanbul is the erstwhile Constantinople which was the capital of the eastern Roman Empire. The church is one that reflects both a baroque as well as Romanesque architectural style and can be visited at any time between nine in the morning and six in the evening. The Basilica Cistern can be reached using the airport rental cars.

The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque Istanbul
This is a wonderful mosque that tourists can get to view when they visit the city of Istanbul in the country of Turkey. It is a mosque that had been constructed by the famous Turkish Sultan Mehmet during the time of his rule over Turkey. The mosque holds prayers three to four times in the day with Friday being the day of Sabbath. The Blue Mosque is a place whose pictures can be taken and there are no restrictions of any kind on photography.

The Palace of Sultan Mehmet

This was the seat of power for the Ottoman rulers and is a grand structure that you can get to view upon your visit to the city of Istanbul in the country of Turkey. The Palace of Sultan Mehmet is characterized by interiors that are very lavishly done up and sprawling gardens at both the entrance as well as at the back. You can make use of the public transportation facilities in the city in order to make your way to this particular destination in the city of Istanbul in the country of Turkey.

Other Places to Visit in Istanbul

Museums: The Military Museum and the Hagia Sophia

Parks and Gardens: The Istanbul Zoological Gardens

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