Exploring Barcelona through Car Rental Services

Barcelona is the beautiful located in the Spain and it is one among the most popular tourist destination in the Western Europe. What distinguishes this place from other destination is its climate, exotic beaches and modern culture. Unfortunately, trip to Barcelona is not cheap, but it’s truly worth its cost. However, the city has bunch of famous spots that is accessible on 24 hours basis. Here we have mentioned the best places that you can explore through car rental services





La Rambla– It is arguably one of the best streets situated in the Spain. It is an interesting place and remains busy in the summer season. Here you’ll find kiosks selling flowers, souvenirs, food, etc. What make this street so special is the street performers. These performers provide entertainment and fun. Here you’ll get a chance of buying a lot of things and this place is referred as free to wander place. In plural form this place is termed as Las Ramblas because there are comprehensive things that make this street the best.

Parc Guell– Another destination that you can explore through car hire is parc guell. The renowned architect Antoni Gaudi influence can be felt through out the Barcelona, but the best example of neo Gothic style is Parc Guell. The sculptured garden covers most of the park. However, there is a green space that proffers beautiful Barcelona skyline.

Montjuic– The montjuic area is a highland area that overlooks the beautiful city of Barcelona. In 1992 this place was a ground of the Summer Olympics. Today, this place is stacked with the gardens, museums, etc. The scenic beauty of this place cannot be described in words. However, the most eminent attraction in this area is the Magical Fountain that features light and water show.

The National Art Museum of Catalunya is also situated in the Montjuic, this place is free to visit on the first Sunday of every month.

Beaches- The beaches are among the most popular destination. And the best part is they are completely free to visit. Most of the visitors spend their chunk of time in swimming and sunbathing. Apart from that, you can do a lot of fun activities there. It remains crowded in the season, but it is worth to visit.

Seaside Promenade– It is the best place for the water enthusiasts. One can enjoy the view or play the water sports- decision is upto you. This place offers a lot of sumptuous dishes. And the best part is you can stroll the seaside promenade on free of cost basis.

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