Top 6 Tourist Places in India

dal lake kashmir

India is a land of rich cultural and historic heritage. Talk about its food, the mixed clothing culture, amazing holiday destinations, coastal region and the metros, It is all diverse in nature. From tropical warm and moist coastal regions to chilly areas of the north-eastern mountain range, India has it all. As it is popularly said,” It is a heaven on earth experience”. Every city or a village in India is known for its own unique culture or tradition.

Amongst all the major tourist spots in India, the top 6 destinations which fall under the must visit category have been listed in this article.

Best places, best activities:
dal lake kashmir
Talking of heaven on earth, one just cannot think of any other place but Kashmir. Located at the top of India’s geographical territory, this region is surrounded by the Himalayas and other famous mountain ranges. Beautiful lakes, lush green valleys, far from the noise and pollution of any chaotic metro city, this place take you to a different world altogether. There are various adventure sports for enthusiasts such as river rafting, trekking, ice sports and lots more. The apple orchards of Kashmir are widely spoken off and this place surely falls under the category of must visit.
The next best highly recommended destination is none other than the hub of beaches, Goa. This place is not just known for its popular coastal line but also for the culturally diverse nature of this topography. The food, the beaches, the people, the music and the entire feeling are totally different and hence is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations of India.

Another destination in the southern part of India which is known for its natural scenic beauty, amazing beaches, mouth-watering seafood and Ayurveda health spas named Kerala. Famously called as God’s own country, this place is a culturally and geographically rich destination. The backwater ride is necessary try experience for all tourists.

Rajasthan, Agra or Darjeeling is great places to visit:

India boasts about its rich culture and ancient heritage. The best place to observe and witness the marks of the royals is none other than the state of Rajasthan. Known for the beautiful palaces once owned by the famous kings and queens, is now one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. A major portion of India’s ancient history chapters can be reviewed on your visit to this place. A massive palatial property such as the Umaid Bhavan attracts many tourists all-round the year.

Yet another city that depicts the rich Indian historical and cultural trend is the city of Agra. Agra is known worldwide for the extremely beautiful and magnificent monument named Taj Mahal constructed by the emperor Shah Jahan for the wife he loved most – Mumtaz Mahal. Being in the top position amongst the Seven Wonders of the World, this destination has been a hub for tourists since ages and one just cannot afford to miss the opportunity of visiting this place.
The last on the list of must visit places in India is Darjeeling. The first ever hill station founded by the British in the pre-independence period, comprises a group of beautiful and simple villages and lush green valley. Places like tiger hill, The temple of Mahakal, the Himalayan zoo, Buddhist Monasteries and many more add up to the beauty of this place.

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