Places to Visit in Boston

Boston Children’s Museum

Boston is quite a large city in the country of America and is a place that you can visit in order to have a fabulous holiday experience. The city of Boston is quite a historical city and there are many interesting tourist destinations over here.

Boston Children’s Museum
Boston Children’s Museum
The Children’s Museum in the city of Boston is a place which you certainly ought to consider visiting when you are travelling with your family members to the American city of Boston. This is a fabulous destination in the city of Boston and contains a number of exhibits that contain interesting objects which children can view for the purpose of their entertainment. The museum is open on all days of the week except for Sunday which is a holiday.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in the American city of Boston is also a place that you ought to consider visiting when you are a traveler in this city. The Museum of Fine Arts is a massive area and contains art works that have been conducted by famous artists like the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. The Museum of Fine Arts is very rigid in terms of rules and regulations and cameras are not allowed inside.

The Natural History Museum

The natural history museum in the American city of Boston is a place that you can make your way to in order to understand the natural historical evolution of this city and the importance that it has to play in the geographical progress of America as a whole. The natural history museum in Boston has well trained guides who can provide you with important information about the different types of exhibits situated in this place.

The Harvard University

Harvard University in Boston is also a tourist attraction and is one of the leading centers of education in the world. It is home to a student population of a substantial size and you can come across students from diverse countries of the world studying over here. Training is provided in both the sciences as well as in the arts at this particular university. There are many scholarships provided to students from the developing countries of the world.

Boston Tea Party

The public square in Boston is the place that is home to the memory of the famous Boston Tea Party which had sparked off the American Revolution three hundred years ago. Tourists are granted an entry to this destination upon the purchase of tickets and pictures can be taken quite freely over here. The area is strictly guarded and there is heavy security over here at all hours of the day since it is a site of national important. The best way to reach this destination would be to make use of the rental car services that are available at the airport in Boston.

Other Places to Visit in Boston

Museums and Art Galleries: The Panopticon Gallery and Axelle Fine Arts Gallery

Shopping: Cambridgeside Galleria and the Downtown Crossing

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