Places to Visit in Mexico

Mayan Riviera

The country of Mexico is a unique holiday destination largely because of the fact that this is a place which is very rich in terms of history and culture. There are many interesting sightseeing destinations that one can come across when they visit the American destination of Mexico.

Mayan Riviera
Mayan Riviera
The Mayan Riviera is one of the most exotic locations that you can possibly make your way to when you arrive in the country of Mexico. Located in the Mexican countryside, this is a place which is characterized by an abundance of rivers and lakes and is an ideal place where you can relax and unwind. The Mayan Riviera is best visited in the summer months as this is the time when the climate is conducive for sightseeing activities.

The Aztec Temples
The Aztec Temples
The Aztec Temples in the country of Mexico are also worth viewing on the part of tourists. The Aztec Temples are large in size and are devoted to the Inca gods and goddesses. The Aztec Temples hold prayers on a regular basis in both the morning as well as the evening. One can get to witness the Mexican priests carrying out the prayer services at such a temple. The Aztec temples do not charge any entry fee.


There are many sites for volcanoes all over the country of Mexico, which you can visit in order to have a breathtaking holiday experience. The volcanoes in the country of Mexico are mostly extinct though there are one or two that are dormant. The volcanic destinations are of prime importance for the geological history of the country and often there are expert guides who take tourists to these destinations to make them understand their significance.

Ecological Parks

There are quite a few ecological parks that are situated in the country of Mexico. These are places that are rich in flora and fauna and are places which you can certainly visit in order to get a glimpse of wildlife in the Mexican countryside. Sometimes there are overnight safaris which you can make use of in order to explore these parks in the country of Mexico in the best possible manner. The parks are large in size and are known to house exotic varieties of birds and animals.

Whale Watching Destinations
mexican Whale Watching Destination
There are lots of whale watching destinations on the Mayan coast which you can go and visit in order to view these exotic creatures. This is one of the most beautiful places in the country of Mexico and when you watch these gigantic creatures in the vast expanses of the ocean you will be overcome with a feeling of splendor. The whale watching destinations are best viewed in the morning hours. The most convenient way by which you can make your way to the whale watching destinations in Mexico is through the use of the rental cars here.

Other Places to Visit in Mexico

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