Places to Visit in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a lovely place which you can travel to in the continent of South America in order to have a desirable vacation in a South American destination. The city is one that is filled with attractive sights and sounds for its tourists.
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The Churches of Buenos Aires

There are a number of Roman Catholic Churches in the city of Buenos Aires which are worth exploring on the part of tourists. Such churches are generally quite large in size and are characterized by intricate art work within. Visiting the churches is best done on a Sunday morning when sermons are held over here and when one can witness the local people taking part in religious activities. Easy access to the churches is possible through the use of the rental car services.

Old Town Area

There is an old town area in the city of Buenos Aires that you can make your way to in order to understand what life here was like in the olden times. The old town area is filled with shops and bistros where you can get to taste authentic Latin American food and where you can also engage in the purchase of indigenous products. The old town area is quite easy to reach as well.

San Telmo
buenos aires - san telmo
This is a public square area which tourists can visit on the holidays and is basically an entertainment destination that is filled with nightclubs and stores which sell local produce at the lowest prices. San Telmo has some exciting restaurants as well where you can go and get to engage in some local delights for the best prices. Pictures can be taken quite freely over here and the people who have shops here are extremely friendly and eager to help out tourists in any way possible.

University of Buenos Aires

This is an exciting sightseeing destination in the city. The university is an international university and people from all over America as well as Latin America are known to come here for the purpose of higher education. Travelers can explore the university grounds at any given time between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon. Tickets do not need to be bought in order to visit the grounds at the university.

Babylon Idiomas

This is a Spanish learning center and is also a well known tourist destination simply because of the fact that knowing Spanish is imperative for those who intend to travel around the city of Buenos Aires and gain an understanding of the local culture. This is a place that offers Spanish learning courses for travelers at the most discounted prices and is located right in the heart of the city. So reaching this place is not difficult and can be done quite easily using the hired car services in the city.

Other Places to Visit in Buenos Aires

Shopping: The Santa Fe Avenue, El Anteno, the Corrientes Avenue, Recoleta, Palermo, San Isidro and the San Fernando store.

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