Angkor Wat Temple In India

Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat Temple

The news today is that India is venturing into a similar feat, if we are even more ambitious: to build a replica of an entire World Heritage Site by UNESCO, namely the famous temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. This copy of “abusive” is being built along the banks of the Ganges River in the state of Bihar in northern India. Work began recently, just two days ago when we held the ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone of the complex. The chosen site, which will be developed on an area of 16 hectares, will be built near the town of Hajipur, a city set to about 25 km north of the capital Patna Bihar.

How much a clone of the caliber Heritage Angkor Wat?. The foundation, named Mahavir Mandir Trust, which funds the work, will invest an amount exceeding 15 million euros, and the project is estimated to be completed in about 10 years of work. The foundation is very active in the state of time, and counts his achievements in the construction of a number of hospitals and temples, mainly funded by donations.

The launch of this tourism project has been made in connection with the celebrations of the centenary of the foundation course in Bihar, but at first glance that is incomprehensible to celebrate an event in India is trying to build a copy of an attraction in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is in fact the national icon of Cambodia and was built in the early 12 th century, King Suryavarman II. But, originally, ie before it passes to the Buddhists, the cambodian temple was a place of worship dedicated to the Hindu deity Vishnu, and then in the light of this, some claim Indian seems more understandable.

The copy of Angkor Wat Angkor Wat is known as Virat Ram Temple and will try to reclaim the primacy of the largest Hindu temple in the world. A seal that is expected to reach the tallest tower 67.6 meters, a figure slightly higher than the original. Not just so the copy, there will be a sort of “humiliation” to the original! The site chosen for the construction of the temple has also a gl Indian mythological significance, which should facilitate a successful tour. We recall that the original Angkor Wat is the most important tourist site in Cambodia, to the point that appears on the same Cambodian flag. Its popularity is growing, in January 2012 over 205,000 tourists have visited, an increase of almost 30% more than in January 2011. It will be seen as a copy of it may steal your visits to this beautiful, historical and temple of Cambodia.

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