Riad Marrakech: Sleeping In A Traditional Moroccan House

Riad Marrakech

Riad Marrakech

Marrakech is a city in Morocco with a thousand faces and so many souls. The best way to experience Marrakech is to feel the heart of the medina, and possibly finding accommodation within it, to become part of the crucible, that melting pot of cultures, colors and flavors that only the souks of downtown, the streets red of Marrakech and its inhabitants riescno to offer. And if you look for accommodation in the medina , the best thing is to find a Riad, a traditional Moroccan house that is characterized by a single-entry, but then unfolds in all its beauty and romance.

The name indicates the nature of these houses: Riad is an Arabic term that describes a garden. And the garden inside the house, however, is a concept that dates back to before the Arab conquest: it was the Romans with their empire to introduce the architectural solution of the patio, the garden inside the domus, able to provide excellent interior lighting, away from the prying eyes of the people with the right level of tranquility and privacy. This type of home that you can see from the archaeological excavations of Volubilis, captured in the Arab world, especially for the sacredness of the presence of water (fountain) in the intimate heart of the house, symbol of life, for people accustomed to desert, and purification. Here’s how the story explains the basics of Riad ingredients: simplicity, a garden and the water that acts as a vital fulcrum of the entire house.

The garden with open air, becomes a direct connection between man and divinity, with the looming presence of the sky that the residents do not lose contact with the supernatural, and in a sense the culture of remembering them and tends outdoor life, which is the root of the Arab heritage of the desert. If these are the basic features of Riyadh, the interior design is then completed by the architectural choices, such as materials, namely, the types of wood, stucco, and the use of typical Moroccan ceramics, which if applied in right way can make the Riad in a real palace.

The most comfortable and stylish accommodation for those who want to find accommodation in the Medina of Marrakech. In total the group has 5 Angsana Riad original for a total of 41 rooms available, divided into 5 different categories: Deluxe, Premier Suite, Royal Suite and Royal Suite Africaine Bahia. All five Riad create a refined, with their central patio, spacious rooms, a hammam, a chimney and roof terraces. The riad. Recovered from the original Moroccan houses were adorned with ceramics of the first level (the famous zellij), honeycomb walls, carved plaster cornices, all work done by local craftsmen in the tradition of Marrakech. The suites also have been embellished with ‘tadelakt’, a technique of Moroccan plaster, and have romantic canopy beds local antiques, as well as hand-woven carpets and manufactures contemporary and ethnic style.

The Angsana Riad is located about 2 minutes away from each other and are Lydines Riad, Riad Si Said, Riad Blanc, Riad Bab Firdaus Tiwailine and Riyadh. Their location allows access with a ten-minute walk to the famous, JamaĆ¢ El Fna square, while the famous Palace Bahia ( Bahia Palace ) with his harem of concubines, is only a couple of minutes walk. Each riad is followed by a fixed charge, who speaks English and French, available 24 hours over 24 in order to ensure guests every assistance during the period of stay, from visits to the beauty of the place, the dinner and treatments at the spa and hammam.

To offer guests the opportunity to participate in engaging in the preparation and tasting Moroccan dishes, you can participate in the visits to the local market, so the staff together to choose fresh ingredients for cooking classes. As an alternative to the typical cuisine you can enjoy international dishes. The riads of Marrakech also make available to the guests’ dining destination experiences “, special dinners arranged in particular locations. All Angsana Riad with a swimming pool, whirlpool, library full of books, and a terrace on top of the house, from where to admire the view over the medina and Atlas Mountains, and relax in the hot sun of Morocco.

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