Stockholm, Guide To The City Of The Nobel Prizes



Stockholm, the city was founded by Birger Jarl governor who had fortified the little island between Lake Mälaren and the Fjord Saltsjon. Le Stadsholmen gave the name of (the city on the island) and in 1252 declared the capital of the kingdom. This island is known today as Sta’N Gamla (Old Town). In 1297 it was almost completely destroyed by fire. Lost its importance after the treaty of union between the three kingdoms of the North (Kalmar, 1397), it was thanks to Gustavo to Vas (Gustav I) and Gustavus II Adolphus the Great, who came to be important. Under Gustavo IIl, in 700, the capital became a major European cultural center of the North. 800 Industrial development and urban development have completed the modern face.

The language spoken by all is Swedish, a Germanic derivation. Those who “chews” English can do well. It is not uncommon to find people who understand and speak Italian. It is worth underlining that Stockholm is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. The metro ticket (good network) is valid for one hour, after midnight the rates doubled and increases the validity of an hour. We advise you to Stockholmskortet, passport valid for three days that allows you to use ferries, buses and metro, on the free entry to museums and amusement parks and get discounts in many restaurants and department stores. Keep in mind that in Sweden the fish is good meat. We suggest you try the herring on ice with chives and sour cream, fried Baltic herring, smoked eel and a cheese similar to Chantilly, but more delicate and firm. Pay attention to the bars: they are mostly of fast-food outlets and from noon (from 13 on Sunday) no longer serve alcohol (but you can drink in the night club until closing time). For shopping, fine leather goods, reindeer, even the beautiful pewter, silver and objects of modern design in stainless steel. The crystal Kosta, Boda and Orrefors is known worldwide, as well as ceramics and Gustavsberg Rörstrand. For lovers of fishing rods and reels are Abu Svangsta.

What to see in Stockholm? The enormous Royal Palace in Stockholm stands compared to other houses of sovereigns for the freedom given to visitors. The building is not too old, but it is the place on which it stands. Right here the city was born. Near the Royal Palace is the Cathedral (or Great Church), the oldest building in town (dating back to 1250). Out and about: the church spire pierced with Riddarholm, “the narrowest street in the world” (Marten Trtzigs Great, just under a meter wide), the charms of Skansen (open air complex, located on an island , which houses a museum, a zoo, a theater, and restaurants, cafes and workshops).

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