Philippines, Earthquake On 7.9 Richter Scale Off The Coast Of The Archipelago

Philippine's Earthquake

Philippine's Earthquake

A newsflash, reported by ANSA, also shakes the world of travel: the islands near the Philippines there was a strong earthquake, estimated in a preliminary way of 7.9 degrees, but then increased to 7.6 Richter scale. The focus should be to the east of the archipelago, and has been issued a tsunami alert for those nations which are in the east of the Philippines New Guinea, Guam, Taiwan, and up to the farthest Japan.

The quake was recorded at 20:50 local time, and therefore occurred during the evening, which prevents a quick estimate of the damage. To talk about collapsing bridges and houses, and still scenes of panic with the populations of the eastern coast of the island of Mindanao who fled in the higher areas to prevent the arrival of any tsunami. The epicenter fortunately does not seem very superficial, it is about a 33 km deep. There have already been some replicas above magnitude 6.

The Philippines, seismic and volcanic events are not new to these earthquakes. Only last February, a 6.9 Richter earthquake killed 13 people in an island in the middle of the archipelago, in the town of Guihulngan. But an infamous earthquake of August is 36 years ago (1976), on the island of Mindanao always took the lives of over 7,000 people.

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