Kooddoo Airport, The New Airport Of Maldives

Kooddoo Airport

The Maldives is a nation scattered in the world, a disparate collection of 1,192 coral islands scattered over more than 17,500 square kilometers of Indian Ocean. The isolation and the consequent quiet beauty of these small fragments of sand and corals, have made the Maldives a heavenly destination for lovers of sun and sea, even though the vast distances between the 26 main atolls that make up the republic, mean that much of the archipelago remains at the edge of the large number of tourists that happen to destinations located near the capital male.

However, some of the most remote parts of the Maldives are, as of this week, a little closer to the rest of the world: a new airport, called Kooddoo Airport, was opened in the south of the archipelago, as far Gaafu Alifu Atoll With this new terminal will open to tourists the southernmost part of the Maldives, a sector that has traditionally received far less visitator compared to the north of the country, where they are grouped most of the luxury resort.

The construction of the new airport has dramatically reduced journey times to the tourist resorts of the south of the Maldives, practically halving. Domestic flights, which lead from the capital Malé airport in 45 minutes Kooddoo are made by the Maldivian company. At the moment there are two daily trains, operated with a turboprop aircraft.

Guests of the three resort Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, Maldives Residence Jumeirah Dhevanafushi and be the first to take advantage of the new route, but will be closely followed by tourists from nine other hotels that will be opened in Gaafu Alifu in the near future.

The news of the new airport comes as a breath of fresh air to the tourism industry of the Maldives, which has had to operate in a context of political unrest in the past year. Recall that Malé was the scene of protests and demonstrations in the wake of the political upheavals of February 2012, which saw the former president Mohamed Nasheed replaced by a new head of state, Mohammed Waheed Hassan, a move that many observers had regarded as a real coup.

In addition, the moralistic thrust of the Islamic party had triggered controversy and questionable decisions, such as the attempt to close the spas of the various resorts, or as recently the demand that the public dances where there are men and women at the same time. For the moment, however, the tourist resorts are not at all affected by the tense political situation, which remains confined to the capital.

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