Solar Floating Resort, The Floating Suite And Ecological

Solar Floating Resort

A luxury hotel and its suites overlooking the sea, able to move and also serve as a yacht, with some sections even submerged underwater, able to power itself with solar energy. It seems like a dream and instead the Solar Floating Resort concept realized by Michele Puzzolante, Italian designer who has combined scientific research with some stylistic features of luxury living with the design of Solar Floating Resort, abbreviation of Solar Floating Resort. It is an integrated building that combines typical elements of a yacht to the rooms of a suite, all in an eco-chic.

The Solar Floating Resort of the future look to a new way of thinking about architecture and pointing in particular to ecology, with the creation of structures that can surprise and have the lower environmental impact. In some areas such as the Gulf countries there are already many projects in this regard as in the case of hard-underwater hotel in Dubai, designed to make the holiday fairy tale for all those who love the sea.

The concept of combining two must Solar Floating Resort luxury tourism such as hotels and suites of high prestige and yachts, in practice it is a sort of “floating suite”, with commands to be able to drive in water, which also has a area “observation” privileged. Under the structure is in fact conceived a sort of underwater living room for six people, surrounded by transparent walls to sit and admire the wonders of the depths.

In addition, the structure of the “suite” designed with a length of 20 meters and can accommodate six people. The project is a “camera” alternative to hotels and resorts overlooking the sea or which have connected ports. The Solar Floating Resort has six beds, divided in two single rooms and two double rooms, each with private bathroom: these are added a large kitchen, a dining area, a living room and a control room for a total of 110 square meters. Outside there is also a large relaxation area complete with a Jacuzzi for six people.

All in the full respect of the environment: the suite-float moves to solar energy, is completely self-contained and has a minimal impact on the environment. The concept is revolutionary and combines the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sea in a refined style made in Italy, in total privacy. Not only can you “stay” directly on the water, but you can also admire the wonders of the depths, without sacrificing comfort. At the moment it is only a project on paper, but we really hope that someone will realize: we can not wait to see him live!.

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