Places To Visit When You Have 2 Days In Madrid


Like any historical European capital, Madrid is also the subject of many weekend packages, especially in autumn and spring, when the city gives its best with regard to the climate, free from excessive heat or cold. And when they have, to visit, just a few days, or rather, a few hours, we have to make drastic choices and just focus on what really must, that the city has to offer. Here are three things then, in our opinion, not to be missed in Madrid, the three places that you can not forget to see if you are visiting for the first time the capital of Spain.

Madrid is a city of great cultural significance, and the Museo del Prado is its his inmost soul. It houses a huge collection of works of art that tell the story in a perfect synthesis of the whole Spain, from its golden age to its progressive cultural decline as a result of the civil war and the Franco regime. The Prado, above all, is the ideal place to enjoy the genius of the great Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, which here can be seen in the various phases of his troubled career. The collections of the Prado range on the large Italian and Flemish artists. Among the works not to be missed “Las Menimas “by Diego Velázquez and the seven vices Capital of Ieronymus Bosch. The Prado can endorse for free in the evening (but very crowded) from 18 to 20, or from 17 to 19 on Sunday. Recall that the museum has three access points: Puerta de Jerónimos, for inputs booked on the internet, Puerta de Murillo accessed by groups, and the Puerta de Goya High for individual visitors.

Puerta del Sol is another place symbol of Madrid, although it binds its fame mainly to the New Year’s Eve when the square is filled to capacity with people, ready to perform the rite of the 12 traditional grape berries midnight (campanadas). Today the square, thanks to traffic restrictions, is a more human scale, 365 days a year, and it is a pleasure to converge on one of the historic squares of the capital, which is dominated by the elegant architecture of the Palace Post Office, on which stands the bell tower of the famous chimes (Reloj de Puerta del Sol). You will also see the statue of Charles III, and it is from here that we find the kilometer zero of the Spanish roads, which branch out from this point radially throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The square also. is also the heart of Madrid nightlife and is therefore perfect destination to start the sparkling evening of fun, especially at weekends.

From the Puerta del Sol, on foot, you can easily reach the Royal Palace ( Palacio Real de Madrid ), the largest royal palace in Europe. The building that was built to replace the Alcazar was destroyed by a fierce fire on Christmas Eve of 1734, is an immense building, which has 3,418 rooms, on a surface of 135 000 square meters. It’s the official residence of the Spanish royal family, but it is used only for official meetings. For tourists it is a must-see, by the majesty of the Armory Square leading into the grand palace. Do not miss the Throne Room, with the ceiling painted by Tiepolo, the Living of China and the great chapel with marble and frescoes. Then there is the Gallery, which houses works of great value as Goya, Velazquez and Caravaggio. Externally you can lead a relaxing walk in both large J Ardines de Sabatini, north of the palace, in the Campo del Moro, on the south side of the building. The ingreso costs 10 euro.

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