Christmas In Denmark, Tour Of The Most Famous Advent Markets

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Christmas in Denmark buy a special charm. Due to the higher latitude Danish days are short, with a light that enhances the lighting of the parties, making the climate magical and surreal. The villages have in place their own markets, to discover for their little secrets, made of culinary delights and craft fair products, and in those days we Danish people, the more open and smiling scandinavia, welcome’s smiles even more broadly, visitors. Christmas you can live, of course in Copenhagen, the city that offers a unique atmosphere as the old port of Nyhavn and Tivoli Gardens, but also the rest of the nation is ready to surprise you with many opportunities for a period of Advent, really Special. If you want a real Christmas Tale, the best place to live is the city of Odense , since Christmas here binds the tales of HCAndersen, which will surely help you to get into the true Christmas spirit.

The local Christmas market takes its name from the famous writer of fables, and you can see the characters pull out some of his stories, much to the delight of children. Inside the old town, with its characteristic buildings, the town will celebrate with acrobat, carriages, accordions, that they will send you lots of fun. In the spirit of the Christmas tradition in the Village of Funen, where the “town” seems to live according to the spirit of Christmas, offers long-sighted gastronomic and Danish, with the famous sweets and typical products of Denmark in the past. A Skagen instead there is a large Calendar, done with living characters that animate the 24 squares. Every day the ceremony for the opening of the boxes, from 1 December until Christmas Eve, followed by a traditional evening mass in the local church. Denmark, however, can also proposing a Christmas surprise of modernity, such as the Market Kolding, specialized in the design, since it is held close to the design museum Trapholt.

But if you want to tradition, the nearby castle of Koldinghus is ready to accommodate you. In fact, the offers of Danish castles, are also not to be underestimated, as they can give you an extra romantic touch: Some like Dragsholm Castle, as well as offer many entertaining shows, a gastronomic event and especially for its bazaars, there also gives the opportunity to stay, of course princely conditions, or simply to visit sumptuous palaces such as the Kronborg Castle, which is located just north of Copenhagen , with markets in the building, but also shows and concerts, workshops where you can discover the secrets of the Danish Christmas decorations.

Returning to the island of Funen, and to do that you have to cross the bridge of the Great Belt (the big tight) we can bring to Valdemar Palace, where the halls are home to numerous craft stalls, where you can find valid and typical Christmas gifts, while the kitchens you can feel the taste of homemade butter cookies. On the Jutland peninsula do not miss Christiansfeld, famous for being skilled on gingerbread but also known for its honey cake, or the Christmas market in the town of Tonder, made magic by the cobbled streets and its peculiarity homes. It is also the village who first imported the tradition of Christmas markets in Denmark.

Do not miss the old pharmacy (Gamle Apotek) that Opita a display of Christmas products, 1,200 square meters that make the item shop of Christmas largest in Scandinavia. Ribe, which claims to be the oldest town in Denmark, home to the Christmas Peter, that is told through the eyes of a child in the middle of 800. Then if you want to dispose of too many sweets, you have to do that venture into the Oyster Safari in the nearby Wadden Sea, where you can walk up to the large oyster beds, at low tide, and where we are to find in a landscape an extreme fascination. And to follow the feast of shellfish free, you can go in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark , which has in its old town (Den Gamle By) a famous market. During the advent of the streets of this open-air museum are filled with stalls that bring visitors back in time, allowing tourists a shopping really of the past. But if you want to return to our days is sufficient to go to, the Museum of Modern Art, the cube-shaped building which houses interesting exhibitions.

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