Pyramid Of Khafre And Six Tombs Necropolis Of Giza Reopened To Tourists

Pyramid Of Khafre

Pyramid Of Khafre is the second largest pyramid has opened to visitors, and the news can not help but to please those who love the Egypt, where tourism is struggling to recover after the riots related to the revolution of the Arab Spring.

Six important tombs in the necropolis of Giza: they too are now back to being visited. Of course, much of the charm of the Pyramids is found in the external view of the alignment of the three buildings Khufu, Pyramid Of Khafre and Menkaure, Khafre and has a special touch to the presence of a residue on top of the original coating of limestone, but many tourists remained disappointed to discover that, after dealing with the chaotic traffic of Cairo, they could not get inside the Great Pyramid.

The reason for the ban was a major restoration of the cramped interior of the pyramid 137 meters high, which needed to be recovered from the damage caused by the continuous flow of visitors. At the same time the pyramid of Khafre, were reopened channels some important tombs in the necropolis of Giz, which had been closed over 10 years ago. It is 6 tombs were discovered in 1927, 5 in the western necropolis, one in the east, but in the late 90s had been closed to visitors for the increasing moisture that threatened to damage them beyond repair.

Tourists they lose an average of 20 grams of water vapor per head, every single visit, issued through sweat, and these quantities in the long run had damaged the plaster that covers part of the Grand Gallery, and the walls of the corridors, as well as the paintings. The restoration project, which saw the walls clean and reinforced, the removal of hateful graffiti of tourists, and the preservation of the inscriptions and paintings, had a cost of more than € 3 million, and include new lighting and ventilation.

Among the graves in the cemetery reopened west there are those of Ka Am Ankhdel that was the repository of real documents and supervisor of the priests, as well as that of Princess Ka Nen Seger, a priestess of the goddess Hathor. But the real focus of the tombs, recently renovated is to Meresankh III, wife of Khafre and the fourth dynasty Egyptian queen, which is located in the eastern cemetery. His tomb, vividly decorated, has frescoes and elaborate hieroglyphics, and various statutes.

Let’s see if the new look, since only some of the ancient wonders of the Giza plateau, it will be an effective way to bring tourists back to Egypt, revitalizing the economy of this country that has experienced dark moments, but it is beginning to see the light, at the end of the tunnel. Pyramid Of Khafre.

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