Roma Pass Is The New Tourist Card

Roma Pass, Pass Rome

For some years Rome has adapted to the standards of other capitals of the world by creating their own “City Card” is called Roma Pass (Pass Rome), and is offered in two versions, namely Roma Pass. The difference between the two cards is the price, 30 and 32 euro respectively, and that the More version allows d visit some museums in the province of Rome as well as use public transport a part of the province. But if you stay the weekend in Rome, you will need only the Roma Pass card.

What You Can Do Roma Pass? Your 30 euro will be spent very well: once activated the card, adding the date, you will have the opportunity to visit two museums for free or two archaeological sites of your choice, and the subsequent visits will omaggiate a discount. To consider that the visits to the Borghese Gallery and the ruins of Palazzo Valentini – Domus Romane, must be booked in advance, even if you are card holders.

The tesserw also then allows free travel on public transport network in Rome, except, for the means to come and go from the Capitoline two airports, Fiumicino and Ciampino airports and rail lines. Recall that the Coliseum has a turnstile access reserved for Roma Pass holders. The duration of the Roma Pass is 3 calendar days and is therefore very convenient for those who want to spend a wonderful weekend in Rome!

The sites that are part of the circuit are over 40 museums, monuments and archaeological sites of the city, including: the Museums Caitolini, the Planetarium, the Ara Pacis, the central Montemarmi, the Colosseum, the collection of the Borghese Gallery and Castel Sant Angelo. Remember that the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, not part of the circuit Roma Pass.
Here the full list.

Purchase of Roma Pass is given a kit that includes the Roma Pass Transport: that is a valid travel document for public transport, the Roma MAP a map showing Tourist Information Points, Metro stations, museums / sites (address, phone numbers, buses and underground stations, timetables), the Roma Pass Guide and that the list of museums / sites, Roma News: the full program of events and tourist services that are eligible for discounts, broken down by type: art, theater, music, entertainment, dancing, and auxiliary transport services, and the card access internet for Information.

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