Venice- A Holiday Destination

Venice is situated in north east Italy and is group of some 118 small islands. Venice is well known for the beautiful location, the way the city is built and its artwork. The lagoons are worth seeing in Venice. Venice was started as a Roman city. Venice has remained one of the most attracted cities for the tourists due to its awesome landscape, its exceptional, rich music and arty traditional legacy.

Venice also observes many frequent visitors as it is one of the most incredible cities which help you to relieve your stress and relax and enjoy to your fullest. The city is not as huge as it seems to be. The most famous is the area which comprises of 118 islands.

Few destinations worth seeing in Venice are as follows:

  • Grand Canal: Venice’s Grand Canal is also known by the name of Canalazzo – it is one of foremost water-traffic corridor through this marvelous city. It is shaped as an alphabet “S” which is approximately 350 feet wide. The Grand Canal was a place where the houses were lavishly built and the most decorative ones. The canal has some 170 buildings lined which were built in and around 13th to 18th century.
  • Basilica di San Marco: Saint Mark’s is very well-known and distinctive monument with respect to its fortune of antiquity. It is one of the most beautiful churches in Venice. It took an enormous time for the artist to build the church. The ground work for the same was started in 832. There is an entrance fees for the same. The tourists have to pay to see the treasury, Pala d’Oro and as well as four prehistoric bronze horses.
  • Rialto Bridge: Rialto Bridge is one of the most legendary and renowned bridge in Venice and even a tourist pull as well. It is one of the primeval bridges and divided the two districts of San Marco and San Polo. The bridge was built in 19th century.
  • The Doge’s Palace: The Palace was built in 9th century as a fort and then in 12th century it was re-built and in 14th and 15th century it was again re-constructed. The Palace is built in Venetian Gothic style. It is a place where government officials sit and is also known as palace of Justice.
  • Islands of Lagoon: There are three islands of lagoons namely:

(a)    Murano: It is a small island famous for its glass-works.

(b)   Burano: Burano is well-known for its lace and linen.

(c)    Lido: It is eminent for its beach.

Summers is the most awful time to visit, sometimes it is very hot and humid. The canals also smell. Mosquitoes and flies are also visible. Spring is the best season to visit as the temperature is also quite cool i.e. somewhere between 5-15°C in March and lots of tourists are there. The time in-between November and January is also nice less number of tourists and Venice is a quiet place during that time-period. Winter months should completely be avoided.

Venice has been rated as one of the finest cities in world in terms of tourists and as well as a holiday destination and is must watch at least once in life-time.


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