A Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is second largest city in Spain and is the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona is one of the popular tourist destinations in Western Europe. The climate, amazing beaches and its combination of culture and design attract tourists to a large extent. Below are some of the famous tourist spots:

  • La Rambla: La Rambla is one of the famous streets in Barcelona. The place is surrounded with trees and stretches around 1.2 kilometers. It is a vast pedestrian and also an amusing place to visit and during the summers the street seems to very busy during the summers. There are many kiosks which sell flowers and food items as well.
  • Parc Guell:  This is a garden complex which is situated on hill of El Carmel in Gracia district. The Guell was built in 1900 and was completed in 1914. Parc Guell is a portion of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park consists of many wonderful stone structures, beautiful tiles and mesmerizing buildings. There is also a snap of Gaudi dragon fountain which is also an entrance to the park.
  • Montjuic: Montjuic is a hill which is located in Barcelona. This is a shallow hill with a flat top. Through its eastern side city’s harbor is visible. Montjuic was also the site of the 1992 Summer Olympic opening ceremonies. The place is surrounded by many gardens and museums. Montjuic famous attraction is the Magical Fountain. The National Art Museum of Catalunya is also a part of Montjuic.
  • Beaches: Beaches of Barcelona are worth seeing. Many tourists come here and enjoy swimming and sunbathing. During the peak season the beaches are over-crowded.
  • The Gothic Quarter: The Gothic Quarter is part of Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella. The name is so kept because it was a Roman village and it still has some leftovers of its splendid past. There are many instances of Gothic architecture available. The exquisite and subdued buildings were built in 14th century and their history of the area dates back even further.
  • La Boqueria:La Boqueria is the famous market of Barcelona and is very bustling market. This is a good place for doing window shopping. Sea food and mutton is the best selling items here apart from these two one can also wines, flowers and craft items for sale here.

When to visit Barcelona?

As the city is blessed with Mediterranean climate the ideal time to visit to Barcelona is early summer especially during May to June. The days in winter are not too cold and are sunnier often. Snow falls are very rare and do not last for more than day or a two. Therefore, Barcelona observes tourists across the year due to its climate. There are lot of accommodation options in Barcelona, you can rent apartments but homestay in Barcelona with one of the host families in Barcelona is a good choice of accommodation and also for your Spanish course.

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