Kota Kinabalu-The Must Visit Place

Kota Kinabalu was also known as Jesselton and is the capital of Sabah state in East Malaysia. The city is located on the northwest coast of Borneo and faces the South China Sea. The city is surrounded by Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park on one side and Mount Kinabalu on another side.



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Kota Kinabalu is also nick named as K.K. within Malaysia and also internationally. Kinabalu National Park is some 90 kilometers from the city and is also one of the popular tourist destinations. Kota Kinabalu is also renowned for its industrial and commercial centers in East Malaysia.

Tourist Attraction in Kota Kinabalu

  • Aquarium and Marine Museum: This is an addition to University Malaysia Sabah Campus. Borneo Marine Research Institute was established in 1995. The Institute’s aim is to encourage education and training in conversation and also development of marine resources. The aquarium has the best facilities on the Borneo Island.
  • Atkinson Clock Tower: The tower stands conspicuously on a bluff along Signal Hill Road. The tower was built in 1903 and was built in the memory of Francis George Atkinson. It is one of the oldest edifices in Sabah which survived the devastation of Jesselton town during World War II.
  • Borneo Art Gallery:  This Gallery is made for art lovers and especially for those who love paintings. The Gallery mainly has paintings from local artists from Philippines and Indonesia. The Art Gallery is worth paying visit once.
  • City Mosque: The Mosque is built in an area of 2.47 acres and is near to the Likas bay. The white Mosque has similar features to the Nabawi Mosque in Medina. The Floating Mosque has a prayer hall which is surrounded by three madrasahs and can accommodate 9000 to 12000 people at a single point of time.
  • Gaya Street: Gaya Street was formally known as Bond Street is located in the Kota Kinabalu Central Business District. The Street has many old-family run businesses. Every Sunday there is a fair organized at Gaya Street where you can get everything fruits, flowers, cakes, art and craft, footwear, cakes, antiques.
  • Kipandi Butterfly Park: The Park is located at Kampung Kipandi, Moyog and has some approximately 100 species of butterfly. It also has an insectarium which has 1500 butterfly specimens and over 3000 beetles and also pitcher plants.

Best Time to Visit Kota Kinabalu

The weather is consistent throughout the year in Kota Kinabalu and one can visit Malaysia anytime but the best time is from January to March as it is the dry season. Less number of tourists is seen during November to January hence if one wants to avoid the crowd November to January is another option as there are several Catholic festivals during this time.

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