Must Visit Water Parks

If you like slipping and sliding down the gigantic slides, then this article is sure to catch your infancy. Here’s a guide of water parks that truly deserves a visit.



Wet”n’ Wild Water World- Australia

It is situated on the picturesque Gold coast, and this water park provides blend of  fun and excitement for the whole family. A member of the Village Roadshow Theme Parks, this water park is reinventing itself on a constant basis, adding more rides than ever, since its inception in 1984. While the younger members of the family can battle to the imaginary pilots and Buccaneer Bay- the multi level playground- the more adventurous one is it can venture into extreme water zone. One can get propelled forward and backward at the speed of 50 kms/hr on a goose bump raising U shaped waterslide aptly named as Kamikaze, or slide down to the Blackhole, fighting towards unexpected turns and twists, in the darkness.


Schlitterbahn New Braunfels-U.S.A

This waterpark is voted as the best waterpark and it is definitely worth visiting. It uses the spring fed water from the Comal River, and most of the rides are free from chlorine and cause no harm to the eyes or to the skin. One such famous ride is Congo River Expedition that lets you to float down the river to encounter creatures while manoevring waterfall of 25 inches. If you are looking for more adventure, go for award winning Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster.


Waterworld Themed Waterpark-Cyprus   

This waterpark is named after an ancient Greek character and this park outlines the towering pillars along with the pearl white structures. This waterpark takes you back while providing you fun in this process. You can start at Poseidon’s Wave Pool amongst the ancient ruins and a series of geysers. You need to follow that with the Fall of Icarus that lets you go through series of climbs and drops, along with few bumps till you plunge into the refreshing pool.



Chimelong Water Park-China

 It is currently the largest waterpark available in the world.This waterpark was opened in June 2007 and it has some of the best attractions and the water slides . With the world longest river and rides that compete in terms of height, this park is specifically designed for the daredevil that is inside you. The Behemoth Bowl that starts at the height of 65 feet, sends you reeling to the bowl of water. If that doesn’t make you feel afraid, go to Jet Slide and whizz down to almost 1000ft slide propelled by electromagnetic water jet.


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