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Seoul is the capital of the country of South Korea and is one of the most developed cities in the world. The city features a number of interesting sights and sounds that makes it a place which is worth visiting on the part of travelers from around the world.

Memorial Cemetery

This serves as a burial ground for all those who died in the movement which took place in Seoul on the 19th of April. It can be accessed by travelers only in the morning hours and there are no tickets to purchase for access. The memorial cemetery is quite large in size and pictures cannot be taken by anyone over here, even for a special price. The hired cars can be used to get to this destination.

Olympic Park
Olympic Park seoul
The Olympic Park in the Korean capital city of Seoul is a delightful place that you can travel to. This is a park which once hosted Olympic Games and is therefore one which is extremely expansive as far as size is concerned. Visitors are allowed to explore the park between ten in the morning and six in the evening and there are no restrictions on the clicking of pictures. Tickets need to be bought for entry.

Jogye Temple

This is an ancient Buddhist temple that is situated in the outskirts of the capital city of Seoul in Korea. The temple opens from the early hours of the morning and can be visited until the late hours of the night. Prayer sessions are held on a regular basis by people who arrive at the temple as well as by the local priests. There is no money to be paid in order to enter the temple here.

Mount Inwang

This is where the renowned Guksadang shrine is located and is a place that all visitors to the city of Seoul in Korea must venture to. The hired cars are the best option that you can make use of in order to make your way to this destination. You should ideally visit Mount Inwang in the summer months as this is the time when the weather over here is conducive for sightseeing activities and is not too uncomfortable.

N Seoul Tower

This is one of the tallest towers in the entire continent of Asia and is one of the most well known tourist attractions in the Korean capital city of Seoul. The tower can be visited at any given time in the day as well as on all the days of the week without worry. Pictures can be taken quite freely and there are also no tickets to buy. One might feel dizzy when going to the top most part of the tower. The tower enjoys a central location and you can make use of the public transportation facilities in the city in order to get there in a safe manner.

The Football Ground of Seoul
The Seoul football Ground is a fascinating place to visit in the city of Seoul. The football ground hosts international football tournaments all through the year. The summer season is the best time for viewing football tournaments at this destination. The Seoul Football Ground can be explored by tourists when tournaments are not in progress. There are one or two dining destinations over here which serve good Korean cuisine, with the Kim Chi item being a popular eating option among the visitors.

The Gardens of Seoul

There are wonderful gardens in the Korean city of Seoul which can be viewed on the part of travelers when they arrive at this destination. The garden area is filled with children at all times of the day. One can engage in sporting activities over here. One can also engage in rejuvenating and relaxing activities like napping and photography given the vast number of flowers and plants which exist over here.

Visit the Picturesque Trails
There are many good areas for taking long walks in the Korean destination of Seoul which tourists can explore. These areas are extremely easy to navigate and are consequently wonderful to travel along, particularly in the season of summer. One can take one’s own bike when exploring the picturesque trails in Seoul. One can also take hired bikes which are available for the use of travelers exclusively. The exploration activities generally occur in the late hours of the morning though on Sundays these can start at some time early as well.

Other Places to Visit in Seoul

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