Buenos Aires- Fabulous Destination


Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and is also the largest city of Argentina. Buenos Aires is one of the spellbinding and fascinating cities of America. There is ample number of splendid buildings and monuments. Buenos Aries architecture is worth praise.

Buenos Aires is one of the popular tourist destinations according to the World Travel and Tourism Council as well. Buenos Aires is also often referred to as “Paris of South America” and is the second most favorite tourist destination after Florence. Buenos Aires is also well known for its sophisticated cuisine, fabulous nightlife and shopping as well. Argentina is renowned in European essence.




Here are few places worth visiting in Buenos Aires:

  • Plaza de Mayo: The Plaza is in existence since 16th century. This is the place where several gatherings and political protests occur including the Madras de la Plaza de Mayo wherein the mothers protest on the loss of loved ones. Opposite to Plaza de Mayo is former Spanish town hall, the Cabildo which is an old colonial building.
  • Recoleta: Also named as La Recoleta Cementry is one of the most trendy and stylish district in Buenos Aries. It is the sight of the colonial church and a national monument as well. Recoleta is also famous for public gardens like Plaza Francia where the city’s craft fair is held. The place is also known for sight-seeing. The atmosphere of the place is tranquil and the place has legendary history as well.
  • Mataderos: Mataderos is situated approximately 6 km southwest of Caballito. There used to be many slaughterhouses over here but it is still a home to livestock market. Many events take place in Mataderos; Feria de Mataderos is one of them. During the festive season folk music is played and traditional crafts are displayed as well and many other traditional exhilarating events occur during this time.
  • Teatro Colon: This is seven storied Opera House and has many visitors since the time it was opened in 1908. It also has a small museum which is located in the lobby and numerous guided tours are available over here. It is one of the best places to watch opera and also listen to classical music.
  • Cafe Tortoni: Café Torani is one of the famous cafes in Buenos Aires. Many celebrities have visited the café numerous times and the café is also used in certain movie as their set therefore is a vital in the Buenos Aires history as well.

Ideal time to visit Buenos Aires

The best suitable time to visit Buenos Aires is from September to November and the from March to May.





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