Places to Visit in Prague

The Astronomical Clock Prague

Prague is a historic city and is the capital of the country of Czechoslovakia ( Czech Republic). It is home to some fine monuments and structures, most of which were built in the period of the Renaissance and the Reformation. Public transportation services in the city are of a very high standard.

Prague Castle
Night at the Prague Castle
The Prague Castle is one of the most famous historical structures in the city of Prague and dates back more than five to six hundred years. The catacombs of the castle are open for public viewing and entry can be done at any time between ten in the morning and six in the evening. The art works which are contained in the castle are those which date back to the art revolution during the Renaissance period.

Old Town Area

The old town in the city of Prague is a delightful destination that you can visit if you are interested in knowing what life was like over here in the olden days. The old town is home to buildings and various other structures that were constructed seven or eight hundred years ago. The hired car services in the city can take you to the old town area in a smooth and hassle free manner, without you losing your way.

Charles Bridge
Prague Charles Bridge
This is a structure which connects the old town area with the new town and is a fascinating place for travelers to explore. The construction of the bridge is something that took place in the fourteenth century and it is an important center for trade and commerce. Jewelry and paintings are the common items that one can come across for sale in this location in Prague. These are items which are quite reasonably priced.

The Infant of Prague

This is a renowned statue of the infant Jesus that you can get to witness upon visiting the capital city of Prague in Czechoslovakia. The statue is constructed entirely of Marble and can be viewed all through the day. The statue looks especially beautiful in the evening hours when it is well lit and seems resplendent. The statue is also known as the Holy Infant of Prague and is one of the most famous landmarks or sights in the city.

The Astronomical Clock
The Astronomical Clock Prague
This is a famous church in the city of Prague and reflects a Gothic architectural style. The church is well known for having been the site for the performance of the opera Don Giovanni by Mozart. A gigantic clock can be witnesses on the façade of the building at the point of entry. A visit can be paid to this clock at any time between ten in the morning and eight in the evening. The church closers after eight and visitors are no longer entertained then. Donations can be made in a donation box which is kept at the back of the church.

Other Places to Visit in Prague

Monuments: The Prague Giant Metronome

Museums and Art Galleries: The Czech National Gallery and the Czech National Museum.

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