Places to Visit in Stockholm

Ericsson Globe Stockholm

The city of Stockholm is the capital of the country of Sweden and is a place that you can visit if you are interested in the idea of undertaking a vacation in a historical destination in the continent of Europe. The city is famous for its vibrant nightlife scenario.

Natural History Museum

The geological evolution and progress in the country of Sweden and around the area of Stockholm in particular is something that you can definitely get to understand when you visit the Natural History Museum in the city. The museum is located in the city center and can be accessed without difficulty through the use of both the airport rental car services as well as the public transportation facilities which operate in regular intervals.

Museum of Modern Art

Works of modern art are something you can definitely get to come across when you pay a visit to the museum of modern art in the city of Stockholm. The museum of modern art is strict about the use of cameras and those who do so will be subject to quite a severe fine. The museum of modern art has well informed guides who can provide visitors with legitimate information about the various works of art.

Ericsson Globe

Ericsson Globe StockholmThis is a large white building in the capital city of Stockholm in Sweden. It looks like a sphere and its purpose lies in hosting gaming tournaments at different times in the year. Those who are interested in the idea of visiting this place can do so between ten in the morning and five in the evening. The ideal time to visit this building would be on a Sunday morning when it is quite nice and peaceful over here.

Jewish Synagogue in Stockholm

This is a well known religious destination in the city of Stockholm and is a place which you can travel to in order to gain an understanding about the Jewish presence in the city. The Jewish Synagogue opens from ten in the morning and you can visit this place at any time between ten in the morning and seven in the evening. Silence needs to be observed when you are inside of this synagogue in Stockholm.

The Army Museum

Any visitor to the Swedish capital city of Stockholm should not come back without having paid a visit to the famous Army Museum situated in the city center. This isĀ  place where you can understand the history of the Swedish army and the exhibits at the museum contain some very nice displays which you can take a look at. The entry tickets to the museum are quite affordably priced and there is a special concession for those who are travelling with children. The hired car services at the airport can be used to get to this museum in the city of Stockholm.

Other Places to Visit in Stockholm

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