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Warsaw is the tourist destination that attracts a host of tourists. It is the capital city of Poland and is located in Vistula River near Baltic Sea and Carpathian Mountains.


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Warsaw is a city that rose from Ashes and it is also known as Phoneix city. This city was rebuilt after the Second World War. The ground reason why people like to visit this city is because of its climate. July is the month of maximum rainfall. Spring and autumn are the splendid season to visit.



Old Town and New Town- It is the ancient part of Warsaw that was founded way back in 13th century. The most notable places of old town are Royal Castle, King Sigismund, Market Square and Barbican.

There are variety of restaurants and coffee shops. Of course, if you are a supporter of art, you can visit the art galleries and the craftwork shops. It is one among the UNESCO’s world heritage site.


Another place that you can explore through is the New Town. It is a hub of monasteries and churches.


Through car rental warsaw services you’ll be able to explore the finest churches like Cathedral of St John, Church of St.Mary the Queen of Poland, Church of St. Anna, etc.


The next destination to explore through is Palace of Culture and Science. It is a huge Gothic building that is the main landmark of the city of Poland. At the 30th floor there is a splendid terrace from which you can have overview of the city. This building house has innumerable facilities like congress hall where big events take place, swimming pool, museum, of science and technology, etc.


The other destination that one can explore through is the historical buildings. Once you head towards the west of Castley Square you’ll observe Teatralny Square that is dominated by opera edifice and national theatre.


In Warsaw lets you can explore the splendid Jablonowski palace. This palace was actually laid in the end of 18th century, since then it was rebuilt numerous times. Even it was severely burnt during the Warsaw uprising in 1944 and it was finally demolished in 1952. In 1995-97 the palace was rebuilt again.


Royal castle- it is a wooden fortress that was once the residence of royal King Sigmund III Vasa. The castle was the seat of monarchy and the parliament for last 250 years. It has a wide variety of facilities available.


Prozna Street- it was set up by the Nazis in the memoir of Ulica Prozna. This street is surrounded by brick wall and the original wall can be found in the courtyard of the apartment.

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