Places to Visit in Bahrain

Bahrain Museum

Bahrain is an exotic destination in the continent of West Asia and is ideal for a desert adventure for those who desire it. Bahrain is an extremely prosperous city and there are very good provisions for tourists over here in the form of sightseeing attractions as well as accommodation options.

Bahrain Fort
Bahrain Fort
Bahrain Fort is a fabulous place which you can make your way to when you are a tourist in the city of Bahrain. The fort in the city of Bahrain is a medieval structure and is made entirely of stone. It was constructed in the olden times in order to protect the people of the city from attacks by foreign invaders. Tourists can visit the fort from ten in the morning to five in the evening.

Bahrain Museum
Bahrain Museum
The museum in the city of Bahrain is a good destination to visit for all those who are eager to know more about the history of this city. The Bahrain Museum is a public museum and is situated right next to the Bahrain Fort. The exhibits in the museum contain important information about the evolution of art and architecture in the region as a whole. The museum can be accessed with the help of the rental car services.

Oil Museum

Bahrain, like all other destinations in West Asia is quite oil rich and there is therefore a museum in the city which contains information about the history of oil production over here. This museum is open on all days of the week and those who do enter the museum have to deposit their cameras as well as their mobile phones at the entrance. The oil museum is situated in the heart of the city and is not tough to reach.

National Museum of Bahrain

The National Museum in the city of Bahrain is also a good place to visit in order to understand more about the history of the city. This museum is best visited in the hours between ten am and twelve pm on a weekday morning as during the weekends, the local population make their way to the museum and it is very crowded then. The airport rental cars can be used to get to this destination in Bahrain.

The mosques of Bahrain

Bahrain is quite famous for its mosques, most of which are well known tourist attractions and allow tourists to explore these places even when there are prayer sessions in progress. The mosques in the city of Bahrain are those that feature a typical West Asian architecture with minarets and domes as the principal features of the majority of the mosques in the city. Strict silence needs to be observed inside the mosques in Bahrain. The Bahrain mosques are best viewed during the festival when they are decorated and are filled with people celebrating.

Other Places to Visit in Bahrain

Monuments: the Bin Matar House, the Tree of Life, the Al Hajar, Hamad Town, Jannusan, Tylos and the Al Jasra House

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