Places to Visit in San Diego

Maritime Museum San Diego

The city of San Diego is a marvelous place that you can pay a trip to when you are a tourist in North America. This is a city that is located in the southern part of the American state of California and receives tourists in summer as well as winter.

Old Town Area of San Diego

This is a place in San Diego that reeks of Spanish heritage. The buildings and other structures that are situated here are those that were constructed some time during Spanish colonial rule in the country of America. An old worldly feeling prevails over here and the bistros and shops situated here sell products that are indigenous Spanish and Mexican. The old town area is best visited in the weekend when it is filled with people.

Midway Museum
Midway Museum San Diego
Midway Museum is a maritime museum is a popular place for travelers to visit in the American city of San Diego. The midway museum remains open from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon and can be accessed upon the purchase of an entry ticket. Visitors cannot take their cameras along with them when they go inside the museum and they have to deposit these outside along with other belongings such as their mobile phones.

Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum San Diego
The maritime museum in the city of San Diego contains important information about the maritime history of this particular city. The maritime museum is a lovely place to visit as it is large and spacious and the numerous exhibits contain photographs and videos that showcase the city’s maritime history. Tickets are quite reasonably priced and are available for a sum that is under about twenty dollars per person. Cameras cannot be taken inside to this museum.

Birch Aquarium
Birch Aquarium San Diego
Exotic marine life is something that you can most definitely get to view when you visit the Birch Aquarium in the American city of San Diego. You will come across more than twenty to thirty varieties of marine life over here, some good examples being American sea lions, seals, walruses and even penguins. Dolphins can also be found over here. The aquarium is open on all days of the week, even on Sunday and is one of the most visited places in the city of San Diego.

The Point Loma Lighthouse
The Point Loma Lighthouse
This is a lighthouse that is situated right in the bay area of San Diego in the country of America and is a really well known place for travelers to visit. The lighthouse looks especially nice in the evening hours when it is lit up with a large number of lights. The lighthouse has rooms inside which can be explored on the part of tourists. Generally a guide accompanies tourists when they explore the lighthouse area.

Other Places to Visit in San Diego

Parks and Gardens: The San Diego Zoological Gardens and the Harbor Seals

Beaches: The Mission Beach and the Ocean Beach, the Pacific Beach and the beaches in the Northern County of San Diego

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