Travel to Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is an amazing place that offers you a unique blend of tradition and nature. Inside the park, there is a fort that was built way back in the 10th century and this place was sought after by many rulers due to its strategic location between North and central India.




The park is located at the confluence of the Vindhya Plateau and Aravalli Hills, and this place is characterized by rocky plains and steep cliffs. The place supports a wide range of flora and fauna, including tigers.

Ranthambore Location

The place is located in the south west of Delhi and 185 km from Jaipur. The main gate and fort is located 3kms inside the park.

How to get to Ranthambore

The tourists can easily get there because it lies in close proximity to the Jaipur airport, four hours traveling- by road. Alternatively, the railway station is situated at Sawai Madhopur that is 11 kilometers away. This place is easily accessible by train from Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

When to visit

Most of the fauna is visible during the hot summer months of March till June, when they come out to find water. However, its comfortable to visit during the cool months. Make sure to bring in some warm clothes; in case you plan to visit during winter.

Opening Hours

The park remains open from sunrise till the sunset. Here you can enjoy the safaris for two and half hours i.e. from 7 a.m till 2 p.m. The main zones remains closed from July 1 to October 1, due to heavy summer monsoon rainfall. However, the remaining zones are open for safaris. These places are great for spotting tigers though.

Entry Fee

Rajasthan forest department proffers safari seats in a canter or a gypsy for just Rs 400(approx) per person that is bookable through online method. Park entry fee is in addition to it. Foreigners are charged Rs 550(approx) in a gypsy and Rs 475(approx) in a canter. For Indians, the amount is limited to Rs 131 in a gypsy and 475 in a canter(approx). The tourists can also avail the facility of guide, which in turn provides you a deep insight on the flora and fauna.

Travel Tips

This national park is eminent due to its close proximity to the national capital region Delhi and the fact that tourists can easily spot tigers here. Traffic into the park is highly disciplined. Private vehicles are not permitted here and the number of jeeps is restricted to 20 at a particular time, split along 5 different zones. Availability of the seat tends to vary, therefore seats are best booked in advance. Some of the zones like 2 and 3 are best than others for spotting the tigers. For instance, the zone one is avoidable. However, its not possible to select your route. Selection is done with the assistance of battery and is conducted by the forest officials. This has give surge to tandem of bribery to enjoy the preferred route.

The fort is really fascinating, so take some time to explore it. Here are some more tips that you need to consider:

Don’t enter the park with outside influences like transistors, tape recorders, blowing car horn or very loud conversation. You can enjoy wildlife better in a cool, serene enviornment.

Opt for colors that blend well with the forest like khaki, brown and olive green. Animals get frightened when they see bold colors, since they are not used to it. Don’t bring food to them. They have abundant of food in the park.

Don’t bring in junk food to the national park. By feeding them with such kind of food, you are trying to bring a drastic change in their lifestyle.

Don’t throw litter here and there and avoid usage of polythene, tetra packs and other such kind of materials. You are responsible to maintain the beauty of the park. Dispose off the garbage at your own level.

Always maintain a reasonable distance from the animals. Coming to them very closely disturb them and you might get hurt To put it simply, they may strike you back. Hence, its in your best interest to maintain a reasonable distance with the animals. Also, don’t wear a perfume or other strong fragrances because the animals are sensitive to this and once provoked they may strike back.

Don’t collect plants and animals from the park. The reason is this vegetation belongs to the animals and not to your gardens or homes. Also, animals are a bit shy and they may get chided when they see a human being. Please don’t make an attempt to pelt stones or any other object. Leave them in serene and peaceful environment. Ensure that you take strict precaution against accidental forest fire or fires that is caused by negligence. Smoking is strictly prohibited and always avoid flash photography.


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