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Kolkatta is a conventional name for Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal. The name has origin from Bengali word Kolkatta that is one of the prominent village during the arrival of British. In the year 2000, this place was recorded as the third most populous metropolitan area with accelerated growth in economic development. Since its independence the place is a hub of culture, science, education and is considered as an epitome of politics. Kolkatta has differed from other cities by giving a lot of importance to football and other sports. The place is famous for a variety of place and the destinations has given name and fame to the city. Here we have enlisted some of the must visit places:


Birla Industrial and Technological Museum

It is the first and foremost science museum that commenced its operations in the year 1954, by famous industrialist Ghanshyam Das Birla as a unit under National Council of Science Museum, Ministry of Culture, and Government of India in Kolkatta. The museum is further divided into several galleries that depicts different industries and business enterprises like that of Birlas. Each gallery has its own specialization like the Mathematics gallery, biotechnology, electricity, television, showcasing the upcoming techniques. The museum has started to host several live programmers to give a deep insight on the other hand entertain the visitors.


Belurmath temple

This shrine is considered to be one of the sacrosanct pilgrimage and is the headquarter of Shri RamaKrishna Mission. The shrine is famous for its foremost disciple Swami Vivekananda spend a lot of time. His words from mouth means a lot and this place is a symbol of devotion, yoga, knowledge and work. Swami Vivekananda consecrated the grounds in the year 1898 and since then it has become a hub of spiritual development known as Radhakrishna Mission. The museum is devoted to his Mahasamadhi and is there on the other hand this temple contain articles related to a mission.


Nirmal Hirday

It is the first charitable organization that commenced its operation in the year 1950 by Mother Teresa. Nirmal Hirday symbolize the pure heart as it the organization that helps anyone and thus it is known to be an abode for a dying destitute. The organization is one of the world famous for helping the needy persons. This organization has opened various hospitals and charities for poor which are financially weak and thus started free of cost mission handled by nuns and it is also called as Mother House.

St Paul Cathedral

It is the anglican cathedral church located in the North India and it is also a part of united church. The church belongs to Anglican community that initiated its operations in 1839 by Bishop Daniel Wilson and later on completed in 1947. Formerly it was called as an epitome for beautiful architecture and secondly it is situated besides Victoria Memorial and Birla Planetarium. The first bishop of this church was TF Middleton that has its burial in the church itself.


Victoria Memorial Hall

This is an autonomous organization solely dedicated to Queen Victoria, Empress of India established way back in the year 1921. The foundation stone was laid in the year 1906 and it was a tribute to the British Empire in India. Sir William Emerson was the brain behind this memorial using white makrana keeping in mind famous Britishers but after the independence India did several alterations and today this place is known as the most sought after tourist destination. This memorial now consists of royal gallery and here you can witness various memorial collection like paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, during the British memorial, declaring this place as British repository.


Howrah Bridge

This place was originally called as New Howrah Bridge in the year 1943. It is a suspension type balanced cantilever bridge that spans through the Hooghly river in the West Benegal later in 1965 the bridge was named as Rabindra Setu after great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. The bridge now has become an iconic landmark and symbol of Kolkatta, during its construction it was the third longest cantilever bridge in the world. The total length of this bridge is 705 m with a width of 17m. This bridge is one among the famous attractions of Kolkatta and this is the world eminent bridge.



Marble Place

It is the traditional built during the year 1835 by wealthy merchant, Raja Rajendra Mullick who is known for art and have a critical eye for construction. This palatial was built during the nineteenth century mansion in North Kolkatta eminent for marble walls and floors from where the name is derived. The house is reflection of neo classical sculpture and Victorian furniture and this three storey building contain garden lawns, rock garden, a lake and small zoo. It also houses a private pavillion.



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