Places to Visit in Jalandhar

Jalandhar is a place known for tradition and culture. It is the most popularly visited places in Punjab. The place abounds a lot of historic monuments like Imam Nasir, Phillaur Fort, Devi Talab Mandir, Nakodar Tombs, etc. This article will let you know the most visited tourist places:


St Mary's Cathedral Church( Jalandhar Cantt)

Devi Talab Mandir

The prominent Devi Talab Mandir is located in the heart of Jalandhar city, it is just 1 km from the railway station. The place is more than 200 years old. The temple is solely dedicated to Goddess Durga and it is one of the 51 Shakthi pthas situated in India. The image of Lord Shiva is enshrined and is called as Bhisan Bhairav. The temple has been renovated recently and a lot of changes has been made to the old structure of the temple.


St. Mary Cathedra Church

This is a religious place as well as one among the favorite places in Jalandhar. The old church was consructed by Rev. Fr. John Macodnnel in the year 1947, in the memory of St. Patrick. In the year 1955, the Catholic Mission of Punjab was raised to the new status of Apostolic Prefecture with its main headquarter in Jalandhar. The church in the city subsequently changed to the Cathedral or Mother Church of Punjab.


Shiv Mandir

It is one of the prominent temple in Jalandhar and is located at Gur Mandi, near Imam Nasir Mausoleum. The place dates back to the Lodhi Era. The place is believed to have been built by Nawab of Sultanpur Lodhi. The temple comes across as a perfect blend of Muslim and Hindu architecture, here you can find the main gate in the style of a mosque, while the rest of the building is in Hindu style.

Sodal Mandir

The sodal temple is located near the Devi Talab Mandir on the Sodal road. Here lord Sodal is worshiped and every year in Anand Chaturdashi of Bhadin the place is decorated with the garlands and rosaries. This happens during the Mid September and here you will find samadhi of Baba Sodal that is adorned with rosaries. The offerings are then distributed and they sprinkle a few drops on the body.

Imam Nasir Mausoleum and Jamma Masjid

This place dates back to 800 years old and it is an excellent piece of architecture located in the heart of Jalandhar. Here you’ll find 400 years old Jama Masjid located at the close proximity of the Imam Nasir Mausoleum.

Gurudwara Chhevin Passhahi

The place is built at a spot where Guru Hargobind visited during the tour of Daob area. During his visit he had a spiritual talk with the holy Muslim saint, Shaikh Darvesh. Situated in Basti Shaikh, the gurudwara offers you a handwritten copy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, by the martyr Baba Deep Singh, constructed between 1715 and 1728.

Tulsi Mandir

Tulsi Mandir is an ancient temple located in the heart of Jalandhar city. The temple of Vrinda, wife of Jalandhara is situated in the Kot Kishan Chand locality. Here you can witness tank that was supposed to be a bathing place for the demons.

Desh- Bhagat Memorial Hall
As the name states, this memorial hall preserve the memories of martyrs that lost their lives in freedom fight during the colonial rule.

Wonder Land

This theme park or amusement water park offers a variety of water games and land rides. The place is spread across an area of 11 acres and is situated around 6 kms away from Jalandhar Bust Terminus. Here you can find the major water rides, bumper cars, flying jets, horror house, boating, playhouse, flying dragon and much more. Wave pool and aqua dance are the most popular attractions. The park remains open from 9 am to 10 pm, whereas the water park remains open from 12 pm to 8 pm. During the chilly winter conditions the park remains closed.

Other Places

There are a lot of other places that are worth visiting like Nathan-Di-Bagichi, Darbar Muhammad Jamal Zahr, Baba Jhandianwala, Shrines of Baba Lakki Pir and Dargah Pir Hazi Shah Qutub.

When to visit this place

Summer- The summer season begins in the month of March and ends in the month of June. Summer is characterized by hot winds. This cannot be considered as the best time to visit Jalandhar as the maximum temperature hovers around 26 degree to 40 degree respectively.

Monsoon Season- Monsoon starts in the month of July and continues till the mid-September. The monsoon season is humid and the city receives an average rainfall between 703 millimeters.

Winter Season- Winter tends to be quiet cold in Jalandhar. The season commences from November and continues till the end of March. Cold waves prevail during this season. The temperature during the day is around 16 degree and the lowest temperature is 6 degree. The months of January to March is an an ideal time to visit this place.

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