Port Blair- A captivating destination

Port Blair is a gateway to the pristine islands, and is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a typical Indian city, where people from diversified culture and religion live together in peace and harmony. With over 5 tribes and several religions, it is incredible how Port Blair has never based region based conflicts ever. With households celebrating every festival, whether small or big, together, pomp and vigor. This city is also called as Mini India.



Aberdeen Bazar is the hub of the town, and is situated just 2 kms away from the airport and is about 1 km away from the Phoenix Bay Ship Dock. You can reach anyplace in Port Blair from anywhere in the city in just 15 minutes through a vehicle. So, distance is not a big issue here. You can select here to stay in the hotel of your choice and eat, even if they are located little away from the city.

How to Reach

There are only two ways to reach Port Blair- either by Air or by Sea

Flight- You have direct flights from Port Blair from Delhi, Kolkatta, Cheenai. And some flights are from Bhuwaneshwar on certain days. Flights from Kolkatta and Cheenai takes around 2 hours while the one from Delhi takes around 5 hours.

Ship- The passengers can sail from Chennai, Vizag and Kolkatta. There are around 3-4 sailings every month and the tentative sailing schedule can be found here. Ship voyage takes around 50-60 hours.

Best Time to Travel

The best time to travel to Port Blair would be between October to May. Though there are lots of tourists who prefer to come during the off-season.

Traveling in the City

Walking- Port Blair is a small city and you can choose to stroll down especially at places like Aberdeen Bazaar, Junglighat, etc.

Auto rickshaw- For commuting to short distances auto-rickshaw are considered as the best. Anything in the city should not cost more than Rs 20-50. Negotiate with them if they inflate the rates thinking that you are a tourist.

Local Buses- Not very convenient, but if you are adventurous, you can always take option of local bus and save some money for prospective times. Buses travel to almost every nook and corner in Port Blair and you can ask any localite for directions and bus routes. People there are very friendly and ever ready to help.

Last but not the least; private rented car is the most common mode of transportation. It is extremely convenient and keep a vehicle at your disposal.

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