Lesser known places in Goa

Goa is a fascinating destination that occupies a prominent place in tourist radar. It is a wonderful place where you can do several fun filled activities. Although these are not in a particular order, here we have enlisted some of the places that a tourist ignores.



 Bogmalo Beach- This beach is behind Dabolim airport, ahead after the Naval Museum. This small beach usually remains uncrowded and is mainly frequented by foreign tourists. A shack named Joet is located on the beach and is one of the best known shacks located in Goa.

 Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary- This sanctuary is located on the island of Chorao opposite Ribandar which is couple of kilometers outside Panjim District. A ferry ride takes you to Chorao. You can visit this place during the migratory months when birds come as far as from Siberia. The place can be visited during the month of Feburary. It is better if you go early in the morning- around 7 a.m or earlier- as the birds tend to go to the shade when sun comes up. You can even hire a boat and an experienced guide provide you tips and helps you to spot the birds. Here you can get to view some mangroves also.

Andron- It is a beautiful restaurant, which serves amazing fresh food. Here you can get a wide range of meats and seafood and it is pretty decent.

Motor Beach- It is a beautiful beach located in South Goa. The Leela has a private beach located at this place, but the beach remains open to the general public. The water here is crystal clear and sand is almost white. It is a pristine beach whose beauty cannot be described in words. There is also an option for water sports here, but it is not recommended to indulge in such sports because they usually exorbitant rates because of the presence of Leela guests.

Querim Beach- This is the beach. It is located in the northern area and this is where Arabian sea meets river. Here you can enjoy ferry ride across the river to other side and visit Terekhol fort, which is now converted to the hotel. The water here is rough, but as long you don’t go deep, here you can have lots of fun. The wave remains placid and even the pull after they hit the shore is powerful.

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