Places to Visit in Houston

Natural Science Museum in Houston Ride-a-TRex

Houston is a large city in the country of America and is a place that you ought to make your way to if you are visiting the American state of Texas. There are several sights and sounds that are worth exploring over here in this city.

The Natural Science Museum in Houston
Houston in America is famous for its museum of natural science which contains a detailed history of the evolution of scientific discoveries that have been made over here by both local as well as international scientists. The exhibits at the museum contain exciting pictures and demonstrations and sometimes there are talks delivered by eminent scientists at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. One does not have to pay money in order to hear these talks.
Natural Science Museum in Houston Ride-a-TRex
The Houston Space Center
Houston Space Center
Any tourist to the American city of Houston cannot come away without having paid a visit to the Houston Space Center. This is a renowned location in the city and one can get to interact with astronauts and even watch them at work over here. There is heavy security at the Houston space center and travelers often have to undergo intensive scrutiny before they are allowed inside. Tickets to visit the interiors are also quite heavily priced.

Museum of Fine Arts
museum of fine arts houston
If you are a lover of art and culture then you should certainly make your way to the museum of fine arts in the city of Houston. Here you will come across contemporary works of art by American artists. You might also get to view paintings and sketches by artists from the European continent as well. Entry is moderately priced and the use of cameras inside the museum is entirely restricted by the authorities.

Children’s Museum
Children’s Museum
This is a museum in Houston that is specifically meant for the entertainment of children. If you are travelling with your family, this would therefore be an ideal place for you to visit. The Children’s Museum in Houston remains open from Monday to Sunday and the timings for visiting are between ten in the morning and six in the evening. This is also a museum that does not allow its visitors to carry cameras with them when they enter the museum.

The Houston Aquarium

When you visit the Houston Aquarium you get to view an extensive range of aquatic creatures kept in large space tanks and aquariums. Watching these creatures is a delight and you will get to view creatures like sharks and dolphins from the Atlantic Ocean and also American sea lions. Sometimes, there are performances by sea lions held over here. These are quite exciting to witness and the sea lions are incredibly well trained. The best way to reach the aquarium in Houston would be to make use of the rental car services available from morning to night.

Other Places to Visit in Houston

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