Places to Visit in Birmingham

Cadbury World Birmingham

Birmingham is a large city in the United Kingdom and is also quite a famous tourist destination. The city of Birmingham has very good public transportation facilities that you can make use of in order to get from one place to another in the city.

Aston Hall
Aston Hall Birmingham
This is a historic destination in the English city of Birmingham and is a place that you can visit in order to understand the historical and the political prominence of the city of Birmingham. The Aston Hall welcomes tourists at all hours of the day, from ten in the morning to six in the evening. The Aston Hall enjoys a central location and you could use the hired car services to get to this destination without having to lose your way.

Barber Institute of Fine Arts

This is a place which you could visit in the English city of Birmingham in order to get a glimpse of some modern works of art. You cannot take your camera with you when you enter the museum as photography is not allowed. The tickets are reasonably priced and there are special discounts that are offered for those who are student visitors. It is open on all days of the week.

The Birmingham Museum
The Birmingham Museum
This is a famous museum which houses the history of the city right from the earliest times to the present day. The exhibits in the museum contain both works of art as well as archaeological and other artifacts. One has to be careful when moving around the museum and precaution needs to be taken to ensure that nothing gets broken as the fine to pay otherwise would be quite hefty. The museum is closed in the holiday season.

Cadbury World
Cadbury World Birmingham
This is a chocolate museum and factory situated in the city of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and is a place that you should especially consider visiting if you are travelling with your family. There are family discounts that you can avail of but you cannot take pictures when you enter the interiors of the museum over here. The museum is one which is accessible on all days of the week and you do not have to visit it on a specific day for a good exploration.

Soho House
Soho House Birmingham
This is a meeting point for industrialists and scientists in the city of Birmingham and is also a place that tourists can visit. The evolution of scientific learning in the city of Birmingham and in the United Kingdom as a whole is something you can certainly learn about when you arrive over here. The hired car services in the city can take you here in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Other Places to Visit in Birmingham

Parks and Gardens: the Birmingham Zoological Gardens, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses, Birmingham Nature Center, Cannon Hill Park, Lickey Hills Country Park, National Sea Life Center and the Sutton Park in Birmingham

Museums and Art Galleries: the Museum of the Jewelry Quarter

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