Places to Visit in Brisbane

The Gold Coast Area brisbane

Brisbane is a large city in the country of Australia. It is economically quite prosperous and is a popular tourist destination. Travelers love to visit the Australian city of Brisbane because of its fine dining destinations, shopping malls and exotic golden sandy beaches.

Brisbane Wagga Cricket Ground
The Gold Coast Area brisbane
The Brisbane Ground is a fascinating place to visit in the city of Brisbane in the Gold Coast. The cricket ground hosts international cricketing tournaments all through the year. The winter season is the best time for viewing cricketing tournaments at this place. The Brisbane Cricket Ground can be explored by tourists when tournaments are not in progress. There seats at the stadium are those that are quite comfortable to occupy. They need to be booked in advance for availability.

The Gold Coast Area
There is a wonderful coastal area in the Australian city of Brisbane which can be viewed on the part of travelers when they arrive at this destination. The beachside harbor area is filled with people at all times of the day. One can engage in fishing activities over here. One can also engage in gourmet dining activities given the vast eating options which exist over here. One can dig into some nice snacks when dining over here.

Cycling Locations
There are several cycling trails in the Australian destination of Brisbane which tourists can explore. The cycling trails are extremely scenic and wonderful to travel along, particularly in the season of summer. The trails are also those that are quite easy to navigate. One can take one’s own bike when exploring the trails in the city of Brisbane. One can also take hired bikes which are available for the use of travelers exclusively. Cycling activities generally occur in the early hours of the morning though on Sundays these can start at mid day as well.

Stores in Brisbane
Alpha and Sara Lee are two very popular malls which tourists can witness and purchase items from when they visit the city of Brisbane. These malls are known to deal in products like electronics, food items, garments, shoes and accessories. One can also come across music CD’s being sold over here. The malls cater to the high end travelers only. Mid range travelers can shop at the beachside stores which sell similar products at lower prices.

Natural History Museum of Brisbane
There is a fine museum that can be visited in the city of Brisbane. The museum lies in the heart of the city and can be reached using the public transport services that are available at hand. There are also rental car services which can be used for visiting this place. The museum contains art exhibits that are devoted to discoveries made by well known Australian geologists.

Other Places to Visit in Brisbane

Religious: Church of St Michael
Museums: The Gallery of Modern Art and the Museum of Science, Queensland Cultural Center
Parks and Gardens: City Botanic Gardens
Shopping: Riverdale street stores, the Brisbane City Mall and Park Lane stores

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