Where Should I Travel this Year?

This is a question which is asked by thousands of people across the world each year, and the decision of where to travel can be quite a difficult one. There are so many different places to visit, and if you’re young and you want to see everything, you can struggle to decide where to go first! There are certain factors which should influence your decision of where to go this year, and here are some different things which you can think about.

Do you like adventure?
travel_adventureIf you enjoy adventurous trips and doing things which others wouldn’t dare to do, have a look at some adventure programs and see if there are any which take your fancy. You could go on a trip with animals – why not travel to China to look after the pandas? Australia offers some fabulous programs for student, young people and even those who are older. These could include safaris, farming or bungee jumping and quad biking for those who don’t want to be too involved with animals. If you have your sights set on an adventure holiday, this automatically makes your list of options shorter! A lot of gap year students and people who have just finished studying will go on an adventure holiday, since it’s a great way to meet new friends and you’ll have the chance to do things which you wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to do.

Do you like beaches and sunshine?
beach travelFor those who have had a busy year and a hectic lifestyle, relaxing on the beach is probably the closest to perfect you will get! In sunny destinations such as Spain, Portugal and Florida, not only will you get the chance to see some of the most beautiful beaches and sands that you’ll ever see, but you’ll only have the opportunity to see many other things too. Most Spanish and Portuguese beaches are near small towns and not too far from larger cities, so if you’re staying in the country for more than a couple of days, you can arrange to travel to some of the bigger destinations and city attractions, making your beach holiday a combination of sun and city!

Consider your budget
When doing anything, it’s really important to think about your budget and just how much money you have to spend. If you’ve been planning the trip for a while, you will have probably saved up enough money to book the flights and hotel and also have some spending money for necessities such as food and travel while you’re there. If you haven’t saved any money, be careful when buying flights and hotel bookings on a credit card, since you can end up getting into so much debt that your trip becomes anything but relaxing! Top 10 reviews of debt consolidation software will be able to assist you in getting out of any debt that you’re already in, but if you can avoid debt altogether when travelling, this is the best option. Be careful when spending money abroad too. It’s always easy to think you’re “on vacation” and you don’t have to worry about your spending, but you still have to earn the money that you’re spending in another country. There are credit cards available for making payments in different countries; however, look out to see if there are foreign charges which will be incurred if you do this, since some of the fees which you could end up getting are quite large!

Are you travelling alone?
This factor usually plays a big part in where a person travels. If you’re going with somebody else, ask them for ideas and see what they have to say. You might love sunbathing, but if your travel partner hates the heat, you won’t be able to lie on a beach for the majority of the stay. The more people you’re travelling with, the more things you have to take into account, and always be considerate towards the other person’s wishes and needs.
If you are travelling alone, consider going to a busier destination, unless of course, you want to get away from everybody and have some peace and quiet while you’re alone. You might find that after a couple of days, you get quite lonely, and if there aren’t many people around, you won’t have anybody to talk to either. Travelling to a country where your language is spoken by a large percentage of the population is a good idea for those travelling alone, since you can always communicate somewhat with other people if you’re there for a long time.

Go to your local travel shop
If you don’t have any ideas or you’re really struggling with making a decision about where to go this year, pay your local travel shop a visit and tell them your dilemma. They will be very helpful, since they’ll get commission if you purchase a deal from them! They should have lots of different brochures and magazines which you can look through, and since every destination will have a photograph, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re considering and make a better decision. Tell the advisors at the travel shop which type of holiday you’re looking for so that they can give you the brochures which will be most helpful to you. You can even get brochures which are arranged by continent, so you can choose whether you want to stay in your own continent or travel outside of it and to a different continent.

Look at package deals
You can normally save quite a large amount of money if you get a package deal, and seeing a great deal might encourage you to go to a particular location. Lots of people make their decisions about where to travel because of a great price they’ve seen in the magazines, or because they’ve spotted a good sign in the travel shop window! If you’re prepared to go just about anywhere this year on your travels, save money and make your decision based on the cheapest and best deals. If you can get your flights, hotel stay, transfers and even food and drinks included in one great price, you can’t ask for much better than that. When you plan your budget, consider whether it’ll be cheaper to get an all-inclusive holiday and pay a little extra for the package deal or pay for your own food and pay less for the package.

What time of year are you travelling?
This should play quite a big part when deciding where to travel, since the months of the year vary in different countries. It may be warm in your country but cold in another. The country you’re considering travelling to might have heavy rains during the month of your choice. You might want a quiet holiday, yet you’re planning to go during spring break or other school breaks. Decide which month you’re going to be travelling and look up countries which are the best to travel to during this time. You might end up getting some suggestions that you didn’t even consider before, and if it’s a good time to travel there, why not?

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