5 top places to visit in Zurich

St Peter’s Church zurich - night view

Zurich is the capital city of the country of Switzerland and is one of the most fabulous places to visit in the whole world. Zurich is a historical destination and is home to a mixed group of people, drawn from parts of both West and East Europe. Zurich is a bustling destination, here is indeed much for travelers to see and do in the entertaining city of Zurich.

St Peter’s Church
St Peter’s Church zurich - night viewThe St Peter Church is situated in the area of Lindenhof in the city of Zurich and is a Roman Catholic Church. The church reflects a Romanesque style of architecture and is a peaceful and tranquil place that travelers can visit at any time of the day between nine in the morning and seven in the evening. There is donation box in the church were contributions can be made on the part of visitors to the church.

Lake Promenade
The Chinese Garden zurichThis is quite a scenic destination that one can visit in the city of Zurich and is located right in the heart of the city. The place is one of exquisite beauty and the tranquil waters of the lake serve as a perfect resting ground for tourists who have been exploring the city the entire day. There is no money to be paid in order to visit this destination and people are allowed to remain in the area between ten in the morning to ten at night.

The Chinese Garden
The Chinese Garden zurichThis is another good destination which you can make your way to when you are a visitor in the Swiss capital city of Zurich. The Chinese garden is visited by customers from around the world at all times of the year. The Chinese garden reflects Chinese gardening in its true glory and the flowers and plants situated in the garden are those which are unique to the country of China.

Jacob Coffee Museum
The Jacob Coffee Museum is a delightful place in Zurich that travelers can make their way to in order to understand about the history of coffee in this particular locality. The Jacob Coffee Museum is one which opens from ten in the morning and tickets need to be bought in order to get inside the museum. The Jacob Coffee Museum can be visited even on a Sunday and on any day during the holiday season.

Rietberg Museum
This is one of the most famous art museums in the city of Zurich and contains the finest collection of Asian art in the whole world. The Rietberg Museum is quite strict about photography and visitors to the museum will have to deposit their cameras as well as their mobile phones right at the entrance. The museum is best explored on a Sunday morning when there are guides who can explain the significance of each and every photo over here. You can make use of the hired car services to get your way to this museum in the city.

Other Places to Visit in Zurich
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Museums and Art Galleries: Landesmuseum
Parks and Gardens: The Zurich Zoological Gardens
Shopping: Niederdorf and Lowenstrasse

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