Places to Visit in Atlanta

Atlanta Museum of Design

Atlanta is a fascinating destination in the country of America and you can certainly make your way to this place in order to enjoy a fabulous holiday experience in an entertaining location. There are many sights and sounds worth witnessing in the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta History Center
Atlanta History CenterThe Atlanta History Center is situated in Buckhead and you can visit this place in order to get a good idea about the city right from the time that it came into existence, about three hundred years ago right up to the present day. The Atlanta History Center requires visitors to purchase tickets in order to be able to secure an entry. There are trained guides at the venue who are meant to resolve any query that a visitor might have.

Museum of Design
Atlanta Museum of DesignIf you have an aesthetic eye you should certainly make your way to the Museum of Design in the city of Atlanta. The Museum of Design is a fine place to visit and it remains open from the ten in the morning to six in the evening. The Museum of Design contains art forms which are unique to America as a whole and some of these are of a Masonic style, which America is famous for.

Martin Luther Historic Site
Martin Luther Historic SiteThere is a historic site in the city of Atlanta which is devoted to the leader Martin Luther King and the struggle that he spearheaded for the rights of the black people in the country of America. This site can be visited at any time of the day between ten in the morning and six in the evening and cameras can be used for the purpose of taking pictures at this historic site.

Natural Science Museum of Atlanta
Jimmy Carter Library AtlantaThe natural science museum in the city of Atlanta is a place which you can visit in order to gain an idea about the geological evolution of the country of America and the discoveries that have been made by well known scientists in this field. The Natural Science Museum remains open from Monday to Saturday and is best visited between ten to twelve in the morning hours, as this is the time when the tourist footfall at the museum is less and one can explore it with a relative amount of peace.

Jimmy Carter Library
This is a famous public library in the American city of Atlanta that has been built in the name of the erstwhile American president Jimmy Carter. The library contains a wide collection of books and archives, most of which are related to the American freedom struggle and a history of the country from the arrival of the settlers to the present day. The Jimmy Carter Library is very stringent when it comes to security measures and people who visit the library have to pass through a surveillance system in order to secure an entry.

Other Places to Visit in Atlanta
Parks and Gardens: Grant Park and the Atlanta City Zoo

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