Places to Visit in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Dunnottar Castle

Aberdeen is a beautiful city located in the country of Scotland in the United Kingdom. It has a prominent historical past and there are quite a few interesting historical structures that one can get to view when visiting the city of Aberdeen, at any time of the year.

The Maritime Museum of Aberdeen
Maritime Museum of AberdeenThe maritime museum in the city of Aberdeen is a fine place to visit if you are really interested in knowing about the maritime history of this magnificent city. Aberdeen was at one point in time a major port city and had a major role to play in the trading history of Scotland in the medieval and the early modern eras. The maritime museum in Aberdeen is open from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays.

Art Gallery Aberdeen
Art Gallery AberdeenThe Aberdeen Art Gallery is a cultural destination in the city where you can get to view works of art by some of the most renowned artists from the Scotland region. The art gallery is open from ten in the morning to five in the evening and you can visit it at any time of the week, even on a Sunday. Sometimes there are videos and narratives provided for the convenience of customers, to understand the works of art that are on display over here.

The St Mark’s Church
This is a well known church in the city of Aberdeen and is a Roman Catholic Church. The St Mark’s Church opens at nine in the morning and remains open until five in the evening. The church is characterized by lavish interiors and has confession rooms which are typical of all Roman Catholic churches in the continent of Europe. Donations are accepted from visitors to the church.

Union Terrace Gardens
union terrace gardens aberdeenThis is a place of exquisite beauty in the Scottish city of Aberdeen and you certainly should consider the idea of making your way to this place if you want to relax and unwind in a beautiful natural destination. These are public gardens in Aberdeen filled with flowers and plants that are unique to the country of Scotland. Littering is strictly not allowed. However photography is not prohibited and one can take as many pictures as one wishes to over here.

Central Library
The central library in the city of Aberdeen is more than three hundred years old, as a result of which tourists really like to visit this destination. The Central Library can be accessed at any time between eleven in the morning and four in the afternoon. Strict silence needs to be maintained within the library or else one could get into quite a bit of trouble. The library allows visitors to sit in the reading section and read books and archives of their choice. There are no entry fees that are required.

The Aberdeen Dunnottar Castle
Aberdeen Dunnottar CastleThis is a large monument in the European destination of Aberdeen and is considered to be one of the most romantic structures in the world. The Aberdeen Castle is dome like in its shape and is home to some accommodation destinations. Entry to this monument costs about thirty pounds. Cameras can be used quite freely upon paying an additional five pounds. The Aberdeen Castle looks resplendent in the evening when it is lit up brightly.

The Georgian Mansion
This mansion is, located a few kilometers away from the Scottish city of Aberdeen is an exotic destination to visit. It was the seat of the Scottish Revolution as it was from here that the revolution spread. One can find the famous flower gardens situated adjacent to this Palace. The Palace gardens are sprawling in length and breadth and can be explored by tourists between ten in the morning and five in the evening. Thereafter, tourists are no longer entertained.

Other Places to visit in Aberdeen
Religious Places: The Aberdeen Chapel and the St Machar’s Cathedral
Beaches: The Aberdeen Beach
Museums: The King’s Museum
Parks and Gardens: The Winter Gardens

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