Pheww! Matthew C Martino avoids deportation

I guess there needs to be reform to look into how authorities deal with stars and public figures as film producer/author Matthew C Martino managed to stay in the US despite being on the brink of deportation for failing to comply with a warning from authorities not to fly during his time in the US, it is now reported that the Lets Fly author had his pilot protocol taken away from him upon landing in Orlando on the 22nd of July.

Martino who’s visit to the US comes after six months of annual leave is thought to be on a business mission. He has already visited New York, Las Vegas and Orlando after which he is due to visit Miami and Tampa during his 17day visit. His visit has created five jobs as the 21year old even has a make-up artist/costume girl as well as a minder, personal assistant and driver.

Martino had been reported to be close to deportation after an image he shared on picture sharing site Instagram raised eyebrows as to whether the 21year old had flown. Martino is expected to depart from the US on 6th of August.
US Customs have refused to comment on the issue amid growing pressure to find out how Martino got away with it as he was spotted flying a Cessna aircraft earlier today (1st August). Martino’s legal team had an advantage as the star handed himself in as he has had a police escort anyway so he wouldn’t have stayed in hiding with police assisting his security detail. The 21year old caused further controversy after getting a police escort from NYPD and he made a video to boast of this.

Publicist Carol Suvarov since issued a statement saying ‘Glad to say Matthew has been released and we thank the authorities for their assistance’

Originally posted 2014-08-04 14:00:31.

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