7 European Islands To Be Discovered

Gotland, Sweden

Tired of the usual islands? Broaden your horizons and discover new and more or less unknown.

Gotland, Sweden

If you like nature you can not but be fascinated by these 800 miles of beautiful coastline. Do not miss the capital Visby, became part of UNESCO, the national park and over a hundred nature reserves to be discovered. An island for hiking, horseback riding and biking in the wild. Dozens of ancient medieval churches, then, will be ready to satisfy your thirst for culture between a pedal and the other.

Poros, Greece

Meet the authentic Greece visiting this small island in the Saronic Gulf, relax and enjoy delicious dinners in several local and intimate atmosphere. Do not miss the forest of lemon trees, a hill with more than 30,000 trees of lemons and oranges, for a full immersion of colors and scents.

Holy Isle, Scotland

You need to find yourself after a winter gray and heavy? Nothing better than this island on the west coast of Scotland, which not coincidentally is now home to a Buddhist retreat. Courses in meditation and yoga in a landscape nothing short of spectacular. Easily accessible by train from Glasgow Prestwick

Træna, Norway

At 65 km from the coast, between jagged peaks and lush meadows, this island every summer the Træna Festival, with musicians from all over the world ready to play in the most unusual (including caves!). To achieve Træna you fly to Bodo and from there six hours by boat, but do not be deterred by the rough journey: we will be waiting for the hospitality of the islanders, great food and a wonderful setting in which to enjoy both.

Bozcaada, Turkey

Immersed in the Aegean, the island will prove a real pearl surrounded by lavender fields and vineyards, beautiful beaches and rolling hills, the day you can join the residents in their games of backgammon, and in the evening enjoy a glass of wine. Fly to Istanbul and take a boat to explore the Sea of Marmara, for a perfect holiday.

Comino, Malta

The tiny island is the ideal place if you’re looking for total relaxation. Not even the people disturb you, given that their number amounted to four (you read that right: four!). No cars on the road, but a paradise for surfers and those who enjoy walking outdoors. But the real gem is called Blue Lagoon: a cove of white sand and blue sea, you will easily remember the Maldives. To reach it you can just fly to Malta, catch a ferry and you’re done!.

Elba Island, Italy

Not secret, but perhaps the least known of the three major Italian islands, offers a perfect mix of sea and mountains. Ideal for windsurfing, hiking and climbing, you’ll have to cross a mountain bike not to mention the beautiful beaches to relax.

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