Balian Beach, One Of Beautiful Beach In Bali

Balian Beach

Balian Beach

Balian Beach, Bali has many beautiful beaches, challenging and fascinating. That’s what’s become one of the island is never quiet visited by tourists from different parts of the archipelago and abroad. They come with different desires, some are just looking and staring at the beauty of its shores alone, enjoying seafood (seafood) at the beach, swimming, surfing and more. Character of the beaches in Bali are diverse and you can visit the beach to your liking, for example surfing.

Specifically for surfing, Bali again provide enough options, one of which is the Balian Beach. This beach has big waves and high characteristics that make it ideal for surfing locations. Some call this beach has a regional classic wave that is suitable for various levels of surfer. Balian beach is also known as a reef-type waves rockly that moves from right to left

Balian Beach is not much visited by tourists though it looks very charming and admirable view. Maybe because not only popular and known among surfers mania alone. For those of you who intend to surf this place are advised to arrive before 11:00 noon due to strong onshore wind will blow so that it can assist in your surfing activity. For strength and length of the waves themselves can be considered normal, but has a rapid and irregular frequency.

The cost for this coastal area is pretty cheap, only $0,2 just for the motor and Rp $0,5 for the car. If you intend to stay, can easily be found along the way to the beach. Here also has been pretty solid the vendors who sell a variety of foods and beverages, including coastal cuisine, seafood. And if the night before, many foreigners are often a party to enjoy a night on the beach this Balian Beach.


Balian beach in the village rather Lalalinggah, District of West Selemadeg, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia. The distance is about 84 Km from the Port of Gilimanuk or 2 hours drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. Balian Beach.

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